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Tryndamere confirm or deny please?

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I've rarely if ever experienced a buggy skill shot. Perhaps you're playing with a higher ping than me?

Yeah, the pvp.net client is laggy -- that's one of my few complaints left about the game. There are a few bugs still in gameplay. I've been stuck against Anivia's wall once or twice, and Alistar's charge can get him stuck sometimes. For the most part, though, my games are bug-free. All of my champion's skills work like they're supposed to when they're supposed to.

The most important part is that the gameplay is fun, and it has been fun for a long time. All of these minor bugs can be fixed through time.

For the average gamer, I think this game is ready to hit the shelves. I guess open beta will really show us whether it's ready or not.

Go to the bug report forum. There are new bugs posted all the time. As far as the skillshot bug goes, my ping is fine (always around 30ms) and I have a great PC. It happened to my Morgana last night in the Twisted Treeline. Dark Binding goes right through opposing champ.

The skillshot issue has been around for quite awhile. Search the forum.

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It doesn't get updated daily anymore, because its been out so long they've fixed most of the bugs, but I remember the first 2-3 years of the game, there would be 10-20 new posts per HOUR.

The game got released tho! HOW COULD PEOPLE PLAY A GAME WITH BUGS

The game is playable, it works FINE, champions work FINE, none of them can solo entire TEAMS, item shop works FINE, its easy to buy things, matches work FINE, matchmaker will be buggy at first due to the influx of people, but overall will work FINE, the only problem will be if they can get the Shop up in time, and how the values are set, I would have preferred it coming up on the 20th, but it seems it might be awhile, thats the only thing they still need to release and work on, is the Shop.

That could turn out badly, if people haven't been playing games, or if they still don't give us the value for RIOT Points, but overall, I think most people have been queueing up, and now have a decent amount of IP gained, so they will be able to buy things as long as that IP amount is kept, and they won't bitch as much.