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Looking for some rune help.

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As the title says, I am looking for some rune help, I have 3 pages, one for ap, one for ad, and lastly one for tanks. I don't like having a main so I play a large variety (generally randoming untill I hit a champion the team needs) and I have no idea what runes to get for said roles.
If anyone could help me with 3 generic rune pages, I would be greatly appreciative! Thanks.

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Boomstick II

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Look at the champions you play the most for each role, or you could simply change your ap rune page to suit which champ you feel like playing.

In general though, this would probably be good:

Reds - Flat AD
Yellows - Flat armor
Blues - Flat MR or MR/lvl
Quints - Flat AD

Reds - MPen
Yellows - Mana regen (flat or /lvl) OR HP/lvl OR armor
Blues - AP/lvl or flat MR
Quints - AP or MS

I'm not sure what kind of page you'd want for a tank TBH.
Red - Varies (MPen for Singed/Amumu/Naut/etc. or armor might work here)
Yellows - Armor or HP/lvl (since you'll probably be building a lot of armor anyway)
Blues - MR/lvl
Quints - GP/10 or MS or HP5 maybe?

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Wow, I have seven different runes pages....all for jungling...

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well also remember, you can have AD carry, support, assassin, melee. You have to figure the roll you are going into. NOt to mention, there are hybrid as well.
For AD Carry's, for example, I take a Attack DMG for Seals and Quints, and mark up my ArmPen in masteries. Why, because its likely that they have abilities that are high AD multiplier. Carry s really aren't that proficient at the beginning, or mid game(depending if you could grab some early kills) and so Abilities are something you will prob use and count on more than you should. For this being said, raising your attack power, will help in giving you the punch you need.

Boomstick did get you a good basic run down but also look at which stats are the highest for that particular rune... CDR is highest for blues, and is acceptable to add a couple of those among st your MG, or AP. Runes are basically there to give you that beginning game boast and everyone's got them, so adding something unconventional might give you an edge.

Keep to the guide about and then allow your self to explore a little to find what will give your champion that edge.