instalock solution, RIOT please read

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This is a LONG post for Riot staff, but players are welcome to put in their two cents.

I've found some problems that have a very simple fix and for some reason they haven't been done yet?

autolockers and lag in champion select chat that leads to dysfunction

(the following is an example of a chat log)
NHK DrinkEasy: i'll adc
*yellow text*~Maripro has joined the game
Maripro: ADC
(Maripro has autolocked ashe)
NHK DrinkEasy: Don't autolock... I called it first
Maripro: didn't see you call it noob.
NHK DrinkEasy:___(repeat of chat log)____
Maripro: nice fake moron find another lane
NHK DrinkEasy: it's not a fake you just lagged

the client lags as 5 players try to connect at the same exact time to another page (and chat) in the client, occasionally causing one player to lag, therefore causing confusing amongst teammates as to whom called what first. Then players who don't know any better autolock, causing anger with the rest of the team.

have a 6 second wait time after the whole team has connected to the page (and chat) before the chat and champion select is open to the players. (this includes a timer that counts down from 5 to 0). THUS making sure all players are in fact connected to the chat before one player (who may have lagged and connected after) calls a job they aren't entitled to.

This will put a 6 second wait on champion select and chat after all players have connected, reducing the always hated lag. reducing rage and confusion.


players have connected to enhanced, fixed, 6second wait chat.
NHK DrinkEasy: mid
(magrider has locked in as karthas)
NHK DrinkEasy: OH COME ON!!!!
magrider: oh sorry, too late.

the lock feature is put there so player can secure the champion they want, reducing the wait time until the match if every player is locked in. This feature is used by the newer players and less intelligent players to (selfishly) automatically secure the position they want and their teammates can't do anything about it. Completely against the summoners code by not being sportsmans-like and purposefully risking causing frustration in other players.

after all players have waited the 6 seconds to call their positions and choose their champions. they have called their positions and chose who they wanted to play. Now they must wait a 10 seconds before locking.

This will decrease the chances of people stealing the positions of others.

None of these fixes will increase the wait time until games, for they will be included in the usual 60second wait time. Since It's no longer normal for both teams to completely lock in at all (let alone the first 16 seconds).

This will dramatically increase the likeliness teams synergize better and lower the possibility of ragers since the prematch is a lot more friendly since nobody has autolocked. YAAAAY LESS RAGERS!!!

easy fix riot, cmon hop to it.

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Not sure why but I wonder why league of legends, now calls 'rolls' instead of lanes, Meh I remember when any champ could go any lane, I think the 'pre calling' causes alot of issues people should just respect one another and find a role that best fits the team but ha that would only be found in a pre made team, can't expect the public to do much for you.

I usually just take last pick never have any issues with 'calling'