Possible origin story for 2 champions, original

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Years before the creation of the League of Legends, a mighty Noxian warrior by the name of Jagor Grimfel ruled the battlefields wielding a seven-foot long poleaxe that had a three-foot double-edged blade. Revered by Noxus and feared by its enemies for such that Jagor slashed through the bones of opponents as if they were marshmallow. A gigantic man over six feet tall with strength matched only by Sion, his comrade and rival, he was actually known for his amazing agility.

Trained from childhood to be an unwavering, unrelenting, tireless and merciless warrior, Jagor could strike down fifty opponents in minutes with rapid swings of his poleaxe while dodging every single one of their attacks. Bearing the feared title of “Jagor the Axe”, the only Demacian known to have matched him in combat was Jarvan Lightshield III.

Jagor accepted the fact that he was probably an orphan found and raised by the Noxus military. He had no memory of his early childhood or parents, only the brutal Noxian training regiment during his adolescent years that ingrained into him total and unwavering loyalty to Noxus. Due to his intimidating size and reputation after being instated into active duty, the only people he might have considered friends were Sion and Lexira, a female troop leader whom he mentored in the arts of savage warfare years ago.

During a retaliatory attack into an outlying Demacian market district, Jagor and his raid were ordered to slaughter any and all persons, civillian or military. After Jagor had killed all the city guards, he and his raid proceeded to split up to enter buildings. Upon entering the first house Jagor spotted a family, a father, mother, and 3 children, one of which was an infant, cowering in the corner. They begged for their life but their pleads fell on deaf ears as Jagor cleaved through the ribcage of the father without hesitation.

Suddenly, Jagor felt a feeling he had never felt before, a mental pain in his head as if he was having a waking nightmare. He hesitated to continue his murderous rampage, but he didn't know why. He attempted to raise his poleaxe once again to finish the job, but just then he fainted. Upon waking up, he was in the Noxian infirmary, his men had found him and retreated. They had been backed out by arriving Demacian reinforcements but Noxus' message was sent; that they were completely capable of causing such destruction in a short time with a small number of men.

Jagor thought he figured out why he had hesitated to murder that family. He had a vision, while he was blacked out, a vision he knew better than to share with anyone. Possibly the truth about his past, as remembered by him.

In his vision, he was being held in the arms of a crying woman inside of a wardrobe. He heard from outside the wardrobe a man yell, “No please, we're not traitors! Don't do this!” and another younger man, “Please don't do this, we are loyal Noxians!”. Then he heard the dying screams of the two men and another young girl. Suddenly the wardrobe opened and there were two men in what he recognized as uniforms of the Crimson Elite. He could see the corpses of the older man, the younger man and the young girl behind them. The woman holding Jagor screamed, “No! No, not my baby!” before being stabbed in the neck by one of the Crimson Elite. But thats where the vision ended.

Jagor could not sleep for the next several nights. He wondered. Was that his family? Being murdered by the Noxian special forces, the Crimson Elite? Why were they pleading that they were not traitors? The government that he had murdered hundreds in the name of, were they the ones who ordered that attack?

He could no longer trust those in charge of him. He decided he had to find a way to escape somehow. He visited Lexira, unsure if he could confide in her. Finally decided that he could, afterall at one point a few months ago they had been a little more than just friends. He told her everything including his plan to desert the Noxian military. She assured him that she would keep his secret.

Jagor faked a suicide note, saying he had taken a sedative toxin and jumped off a bridge. He fashioned a mask for himself and snuck off into the night. Over the next couple of years he earned a living through out neutral city-states as a mercenary under the name Jax. Little did he know, when he left Noxus that night so many years ago, Lexira Riven had become pregnant.

One day Jax is approached by an elderly woman in her sixties in a tavern in Piltover. This woman was wearing very elegant robes which reminded one of practictioners of the arcane arts, she carried with her a very distinctive pocketwatch with intricate designs that looked like it could have been magical. Jax was stunned when she called him by his actual name, his former name that he hadn't heard mentioned in years. His disbelief only multiplied when she refered directly to that vision he had all time ago.

She introduced herself as Arendel, a Chronokeeper. She explained that she was responsible for that vision he saw and it was not one of his past, but at the time, had been one of the future. Jax had many questions; including 'Why him?' and 'Who were those people?' He demanded answers.Once she mentioned Lexira, Jax could not help himself but he interested and concerned. She continues to explain that the woman in the vision was actually Lexira, Jax now thought about that possibility; it was true that he did not get a glimpse of the woman's face during his vision. The baby whom he saw through the eyes of was to be his daughter, birthed by Lexira after he left Noxus, Jandris Riven. Lastly, he found out from Arendel that his vision had come true as of last week.

Jax fell silent, he considered the chance that this woman was lying, but how could she have been, she remembered his vision almost better than he did. If this was all true, could he do anything about it? He asked her what happened to his daughter Jandris. She responded, “Your daughter is being trained by the Noxian government to become a member of The Crimson Elite. In approximately fifteen years time, there will be an establishment known as the League of Legends, fate has already decided you will be part of it. Soon after being inducted you will meet your daughter, she will not know you and that is for the best. When the time comes, when the moment is right, she will come to know who you are. This destiny has been predetermined, do not attempt to meddle. The fate of Valoran depends on it.” Immediately she gets up and exits the tavern while Jax is still contemplating all that was just told to him.

'Was my decision to desert Noxus part of my destiny?'. 'If that vision was not of me, then what is my true past?'. 'Who exactly is this woman, a time traveler she claimed, where did she comes from?'. Jax had many more questions. He hopped up and ran outside hoping to stop her and ask them, but she was gone and he could only see the busy street of pedastrians. 'League of Legends', he pondered...

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I'm thinking about writing something about the shadow isles

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Wonder how many people actually read it? =P

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Jax says to Riven, "I am your father."