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Renekton opened up an envelope placed at his tower. He stared at it in confusion before beginning to read the letter. When he finished, a large grin opened up on his face as he began to head straight first into the enemy jungle.

Vladimir sucked the life from another minion as a letter floated into the middle of the lane. Vladimir walked over to it and picked it up with relative confusion. He read the note and smiled delightfully. He headed straight into the enemy jungle with great excitement.

Warwick ran towards the golem to find a letter taped to it's chest. He picked it off the giant being and began reading the letter. A wide grin appeared before he left the golem alone.

"This was delicious," Vladimir said as he wiped blood from his lips. Him, Renekton, Warwick and Cho'Gath all sat at an ornate table placed where the lizard elder used to stand.

"Why thank you Vlad, I put a lot of effort into this banquet," Cho'Gath replied as he passed a hunk of meat to Renekton. "What do you think of it Mr. Renekton?"

"Quite delicious if you ask me," Renekton replied in a gentlemanly manner.

"Oh you are just being kind," Cho'Gath responded.

Warwick looked over at the overdressed void monster before asking "How did you get Teemo, Ziggs, and Kennen to attend our little meeting?" Warwick asked before biting off a piece of meat from bone.

"I pulled a few strings," Cho'Gath said with a grin before sipping a bit of wine.

Regulation# 85: The Fields of Justice cannot be used as a banquet hall.

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Ziggs breathed hard as he thought.

The enemy was escaping and it was too far for him to use his super strength. However...


The Cursed Troll looked up from licking his wounds.

"I need a fast ball special..."

As if those words were a code, Trundle perked up and ran into the nearby jungle. After a few zipping and rustling, Trundle came out, wearing his baseball skin. Standing in front of Ziggs, who was lighting his mega inferno bomb, Trundle stood up straight and took up a batting stance.

Ziggs threw the bomb at Trundle, who waited... and waited.

With a mighty swing, the bat connected with the bomb, sending the hexplosive far into the distance. After a few moments, a great explosion could be heard, as well as bloodcurling screams of pain.


"HOME RUN!!!" Ziggs screamed, while Trundle ran around in circles, pandering to an imaginary crowd.

Regulation #601: Trundle may not assist Ziggs in throwing his ultimate.

Regulation #5: Champions may not change skins in mid-game.

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Ty for responding to my post, LOVED IT! Even better than I thought it would be XD. Ever thought of submitting this to the showcase?

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Eight champions in Summoner's Rift grew increasingly frustrated trying to make their way around the map while avoiding the middle lane. So far anyone who was unfortunate enough to pass through or foolish enough to try to gank the lane were quickly met with a painful trip back to their base.

Massive explosions resonating through the Rift were a constant reminder that any attempt to get involved with the two combatants would be a futile effort.

The two said champions in the middle lane were none other than two yordles, Heimerdinger and Rumble. Each was equipped with the other's equipment and weaponry drastically modified to improve their efficiency. It was a wonder neither one has managed to score a kill on the other in their mad pursuit to dominate the lane.

It was also the most fun the two rivals could recall ever having together. Yordles are strange.

Regulation #1023: Heimerdinger, Rumble, and any other champion of yordle decent are not allowed to swap and alter equipment in a league match even if they have partaken in a traditional yordle "triple-layer-cake-dare."
Corollary #653: Nor are they allowed to use this tradition to violate any given rules set by the League.

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As the rest of the team was finishing off the enemy's mid tower, Ahri regrouped with them after stealing the enemy team's blue buff.

"Ready to end this?" she asked while approaching Gangplank and the rest of her team.

"Me cannons are loaded an' we're all here. Let's send 'em to their graves!" Gangplank roared whole-heartedly.

As Ashe started to attack the next tower, they saw the Wuju Bladesman, Master Yi come charging at them at full speed.

"That idiot's nuts if he thinks he can go 1v5!" Rumble said, readying his suit.

"Regardless, we should take him out quickly." Shen said as he threw his Vorpal Blade at Yi.

As the blade approached Master Yi, it hit a massive, magical shield and bounced harmlessly away. Sensing that something was wrong, they all started using all their spells and abilities to try and take Yi down. Master Yi swiftly took down Ashe and Ahri, while his unparalled speed let him defeat Gangplank and Shen, as giant, magical missles were peppering them with every slash of his sword. As he lept towards Rumble, he was utterly bewildered.

"How in the heck is that maniac killin' us all?! And what the heck's up with those lasers?!"

He then noticed what exactly was firing the missles, floating around the tower they never got.

"Oh, that little bi-" *SLASH*


Regulation #625: Lulu is not allowed to use her ultimate on Pix.

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The only thing Shyvana could do before death was let out a small whimper, as Cho'Gath's jaws closed over her waist.
Said void monster roared in triumph before gleefully licking its teeth, getting every drop of blood from the dragon's corpse. Realizing it had reached 6 stacks of feast, the void monster stomped its way to the Storm shield enchantment, taking it. When the shield started crackling, Cho'Gath grew larger than the nexus it was supposed to be fighting over. Stomping his way over to one of his enemies' points, he accidentally crushed a terrified camouflaged Teemo, frozen in terror.
Waiting at the point was the remnants of the purple team- Gangplank, Vayne, Shyvana, and Brand. Cho'Gath walked forwards. The barrages of flame, bolts, and bullets pushed him back momentarily.
Lulu, noticing her teammate's plight, skipped towards the fight. She first ordered Pix to protect Cho'Gath, before using her ultimate on the void monster, instantly causing it to grow larger than the battlefield.
One foot came down, instantly crushing Gangplank, Vayne, Brand, and Lulu who'd wandered too close to the fight (Shyvana managed to jump out in time).
One foot came down on top of the enemy nexus, both annihilating the crystal, and flattening the just-respawned Teemo.
Shyvana desperately hit one foot, trying to fell the Void Monster.
Cho'Gath felt a tingling sensation on the back of his front right foot. He looked down, and saw what looked like an ant attack his foot with fire.
He leaned down. Shyvana looked up.
Her last thought before being devoured was incredulity at the fact that Cho'Gath's teeth were larger than her.

Regulation No. 1984: Lulu may not use her Ultimate on Cho'Gath.
Regulation No. 2058: Cho'Gath may not use the Storm Shield enchantment.

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Dave Kazer

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Down at mid lane one match, Swain, currently in his giant raven form, was killing purple minions so he could rush into a Rabadon's Deathcap.

"As soon as I get my Deathcap, none shall stand in my way!" Swain exclaimed as his ravens devoured the rest of the minions.

As he advanced towards the tower, he noticed a bright light piercing the fog of war from the Purple base.

"What in the world...?" he wondered.

Just as he realized what the light was, an enormous beam of arcane energy practically vaporized Swain, all of the Blue team's mid turrets, inhibitor, before finally blowing up the nexus itself.

Back at the Purple base, Veigar was rolling on the ground, laughing maniacly with Xerath nearby looking pleased with himself.

Regulation #734: Xerath is not allowed to channel his arcane energy into Veigar.

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"Stay close, and stay quiet" Evelynn whispered to her companion, Nunu. "We don't want them seeing us." The two quietly stalked towards Baron, where the enemy team was almost ready to take it down.

"Does anyone else feel really cold?" Caitlyn said as she started shooting the giant serpent.

Jax replied "Yeah, what's with the temper--"



Evelynn cackled with glee as she surveyed the frost-coated bodies of the enemy team.

Regulation #487: Evelynn is not allowed to stealth other champions

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"Okay Riven, you know the plan?" asked Akali dressed in her nurse outfit

"This is silly," replied Riven huffily, "My bunny costume is so... demeaning,"

"I thought that was the point," replied Vayne, dressed in her valentimes getup.

"Ready?" asked Maid Nidalee

"Always," replied Officer Caitlyn

"Let's go," said Nurse Akali with an evil smile.


"Minions have spawned" cried the announcer

"Guys," said Udyr "Guard Blue for us,"

"Alright," said Xin Zhao. Singed, Ezreal and Graves followed them.

Suddenly they encountered the enemy team,

"Woah," said Udyr

"Amazing," said Xin Zhao

"I can't look away," said Graves

"Good," said officer Caitlyn.

"PENTAKILL!" cried the announcer.

Regulation #69: Fanservice skins are not allowed on all male teams.

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"Hey, Graves. Where's destiny?"

It was a normal set up period, until Lux realized that Graves did not have his hextech shotgun with him and was instead tending to something covered under the tarp. The outlaw looked up and smirked.

"Oh, promised Heim that I would test one of his inventions. This one looked...promising..."

With that, he lifted the tarp, revealing what was under it. Lux and the rest of the blue team gaped as they saw what was under. Lifting it, he began to walk away from the summoning platform.

"I'll be taking mid."

10 minutes later...

"A tower has been destroyed!"

"How did we lose mid tower so fast?!" Caitlyn shouted.

"Fate, what were you doing?" Zilean wondered out loud.

The bush rustled before revealing Graves, armed with the latest Hextech minigun. Graves only smirked at their sinking faces.



Regulation #701: Graves cannot test Heimerdinger's new inventions.