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Blue team had been pushed back to their inhibitor turrets. Defeat was almost inevitable.



Pantheon turned and looked at Xerath.

"Now is the time", said Xerath.

Pantheon nods his head.

They take up positions in front of the Nexus turrets.

"Have you practiced the forms I taught you?" asks Xerath.

He simply nods his head again.

"Good. Remember, don't actually touch me; just come very very close."

The two begin a series of intricate foot work and hand motions.

"KAAA-MMEEH", they both shout.

"HAAA-MMEEH" They slowly come closer together.


Suddenly there's a bright flash from blue team's base.


Meanwhile, purple team, consisting of Sion, Teemo Irelia, Warwick, and Ezreal, had grouped up and been traveling down mid.

"What was that?" asks Sion."Did they surrender?" The answer soon became apparent as Pantheon's circle appeared around them. Suddenly, three smaller circles appeared inside the bigger circle. They try to run out of the circles, but Warwick and Sion were still caught in the blast.

"Double kill!"

What appeared before the look to be a cross between Xerath and full metal Pantheon.

"Fear the might of ... Xertheon!", shouts the being in front of them.

"Damn you, Pantheon! I know that's you in there. When will you ever stop cheating!", shouts Irelia. She just hears deep metallic laughing as he launches himself forward as he smashes into Ezreal, while simultaneously rooting himself on top of him, crushing ez"s body. He then quickly turns and launches several orbs of magic in stabbing motions with his spear; killing her. As Teemo tries to run away, the newly proclaimed Xertheon throws his spear with the speed and might of a lightning bolt; impaling Teemo and proceding on wards into a turret, destroying it.

"BWAHAHAH" he laughs as he proceeds onward to victory.

Regulation #105k (addendum): Pantheon is not allowed within three feet of any allied champion.

Regulation #9575a (addendum): Champions are not allowed to watch any anime nor learn new moves from said anime.

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I love that Pantheon has pretty much become the staple cheater of this thread. Time to move to a new champion.


"I think this match is done with," Graves said as another of their turrets were destroyed. "Darnit! How did we lose to a bunch of women?" He asked his entire team who were more busy defending the nexus towers.

"Simple, they're summoners were more skilled," Shen replied, tossing a vorpal blade into a dying minion.

"I blame no eyes over here, never once came down to help us out," Graves accused.

Lee Sin grunted in response, "There is no helping a bot lane that is always dead."

"You got something to say to my face!!" Graves lifted up his shotgun, pointing it at Lee Sin. Lee Sin, not being able to see the gun, didn't even flinch.

"Everyone calm down, all will be fine in good time," Zilean said, who was the only optimistic one in the entire group. "We have an ace up our sleeve, he just doesn't know it yet."

It was suddenly then that Shen's brain sprouted an idea. "I think I know what to do..." he said quietly to the team who all gave him an odd look.


Baron Nashor was no challenge to the extremely powerful team.

"Lets end this," Riven said as she felt the blessing of Baron Nashor begin to surround her.

"Agreed," Leona said.

"Time for a shake down," Caitlyn contributed.

"Play time is over," Ahri said disappointingly.

Shyvana was the only one who didn't say a word.

The entire female group turned around and saw a single figure standing very nearby to them. It was Shen, Riven's opponent the entire game.

"Giving up?" Riven asked as she slowly began to approach him.

"Not quite," he replied, pulling his mask from his face. Riven's sword immediately fell from her hands. She wasn't the only one. All of the females dropped their weapons upon seeing Shen's visage.

"Oh god....." Riven whispered.

"I...can't...look...away," Leona said.

"I wish I brought the fuzzy cuffs," Caitlyn contributed.

"Play time isn't over," Ahri said. The entire group of women all collectively sighed and began to smile and blush. They were all incapacitated with sheer awe leaving Shen's team able to push all the way to the nexus, winning the game.

Regulation #102: Shen is never allowed to take off his mask.

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"Alright, Blue Golem is about to spawn, are yo...WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YI?!" Graves yelled as the rest of the team took in the sight of Yi. The Wuju Swordsman had his back turned to them, and looked like he was ... yeah.

"B-believe me! This isn't my doing!"

Meanwhile at top lane, on the opposite team...

"What is Jayce doing?" Annie said as she looked. Caitlyn quickly covered the young pyro's eyes, protests quickly coming forth.

"You do not want to know." Caitlyn chided, before glaring at Jayce.

Jayce, who was humping the wall, simply cried in humiliation.

Regulation 903: Summoners are not allowed to make their champions perform humiliating acts.

Seriously, you can do this with Yi and Jayce.

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Wahahahaha! Their dances...

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Wahahahaha! Their dances...

I know, right?

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It was quiet in Summoner's Rift, as Soraka and Varus stood underneath the turret, waiting for the minions to spawn.

They made small talk, and quipped about Ionia in the "good ol' days" before half the population was brutally murdered.

Ryze, in mid lane, could only hear their screams above the ear shattering sound of a million explosives going off on bottom lane.

"Double Kill!"

He tightened his grasp on his spell book, two of his ally's had just been murdered, and they hadn't even had the time to tell him what was going on.

Udyr came to join him, taking comfort in the fact that he couldn't be ganked in the jungle if he sat under the turret with his ally in mid lane.

They nodded cautionary glances towards each other, keeping eyes pointed in every direction at once.

Irelia heard the cacophony of explosions go off once again, deadening her hearing, even from top lane.

"Double Kill!"

She had planned on sitting in the bushes to ambush Riven early, but it was quickly becoming far too dangerous.

The plan to ambush Riven was sound though, so Irelia waited for a moment longer, just to see if the exile would show early.

This was a mistake.

Irelia decided to go back to the turret early, just to be safe.

A hail of Mega Inferno Bombs blocks out the sun above Irelia. She has only enough time to cry out in fear as the resulting explosion kills her and creates a pothole large enough to keep any minions from pushing past the turret.

Draven and Ziggs step out of the bushes, Draven juggling an astounding assortment of differently shaped bombs, Ziggs handing him even more.

"HA HA HA, Draven does it all, With style!"

Regulation #563: Draven shall use no weapons other than his axes.

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Egotistical DSO

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"Are you ready, Vladimir?" Ahri asked her teammate as they took up positions.

"Always." He replied, flashing his signature sinister smile. "I've been wanting to try this for some time."

Ahri was excited, this was going to be fun. "Then let's start."


"Teemo, do you see anything?" Lux asked, setting up with the rest of her team around their blue buff.

"Not yet." The tiny yordle replied.

"Good." Nothing unexpected was happening, that boded well.

"Wait," He amended himself, "Someone's coming."


"Ahri and Vladimir."

"No one else?"


"That's strange. What are they doing."

"They're just walking and holding hands, nothing rea-"

"Teemo?" In her mind, Lux heard the announcement of first blood. A moment later, Ahri and Vladimir walked by. Lux, Sivir, Taric, and Dr. Mundo, anticipating this burst out of the bush. Immediately they had the life force burned out of them.

Ahri giggled, "This is too easy."

"We need to try this again sometime. Anything else you wanted to do?" Vladimir asked.

Ahri flashed a mischievous smile, "I'm sure I'll think of something."

Regulation 431: Vladimir and Ahri may not, under any circumstances, combine their powers.

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Teemo walked onto the summoners rift.

Regulation #9 Teemo is not allowed on the fields of justice.

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Teemo walked onto the summoners rift.

Regulation #9 Teemo is not allowed on the fields of justice.

... and then mushrooms?

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Irelia glared at the score. Her team was losing. Badly. It wasn't really anyone's fault, but rather a certain annoyance on the other team. "Pantheon has slain an ally!!" The announcer stated, actually starting to sound bored.

Apparently, he had found a way to actually get baron nashor on his side as well as take the baron with him during his jump. Pantheon's cheating had to stop now. Sure, the league would make some other rule to stop him. But, Pantheon would find some other way to circumvent that rule as well. It was time to end this.

Quickly, she sent a message to Morello. After a few minutes of chatting, they finally came to an agreement. Irelia smiled a vicious smile that caused every champion near her to take a half step away. **** was about to go down.

"Alright guys, we got this!" Pantheon yelled as he prepared to jump Baron into the enemy's nexus. Suddenly, a single pure red blade sliced through baron's body. The enemy watched a moment before baron crumbled to the ground. The only thought that went through the enemy team's mind was How the hell did he die in one shot? This was the beginning of the end.

Xerath cried out as multiple blades pierced his body, instantly slaying him. From there, a red blur jumped to Graves who was mercilessly decapitated. Before they could see what had happened, the figure blurred and disappeared into the brush.

Pantheon, Taric, and Sion looked at each other before sprinting towards their base. A figure appeared to their left and Sion immediately shot a cryptic gaze at his target. Only, the figure completely ignored it and grabbed him by his throat before disappearing into another bush. His cries of pain echo'd throughout the rift.

"An ally has been mercilessly killed" Stated the announcer in an interested voice. Apparently, even the announcer was impressed by how brutal that kill was.

Taric could only back up in horror. "I'm too fabulous to die!" He wailed. Then, he felt a hand touch him on the shoulder. Hesitantly, he looked behind himself only to see his death racing towards his fabulous face.

Pantheon did the only thing he could. He jumped straight onto his own platform, trying to escape this menace. But, who could it be? He asked himself. Apparently, everyone had been killed too fast for them to even realize who it was. He would just wait for everyone to revive before they went out. They were ahead in kills after all. They would win eventually.

Then, "A turret...A turret...A turret has been destoryed" the announcer stuttered. Three turrets one after another were instantly snuffed out. Irelia walked straight through the carnage and stood just on the outside of the enemy summoner platform. She looked down right evil. Her hair was flairing out behind her and countless blades floating around her.

Pantheon was confident he could take her. That was, until she walked onto the platform. The lazer roared to life, trying to incinerate Irelia. Yet it was intercepted and redirected by her blades. She went straight up to pantheon and pinned him against the wall.

"Hey, take it easy now Irelia. It's just..... a battle....." He started to trail off as she summoned five transcendent blades. Wait, five? She smiled one of the cruelest smiles he had ever seen. "I'm glad you are constantly healed by this platform. It means I can take as long as I want in punishing you." His cries of agony even reached the League itself, miles away from the actual battle.

It only ended when she was forcibly summoned away from the field by the three head summoners themselves since no one below their power was able to actually restrain her. After investigating the incident, it was found out that Morello had given her back her original powers as well as a few buffs on top of that. No one was able to figure out how she had managed to get him to do that, though she did receive a few more nerfs than necessary within the coming months.

As for Pantheon? He was given a leave of absence from the league in order to go through extensive counseling. Even now, he will automatically leave if he sees Irelia on his team or the enemy's. The one thing that the counselor could get out of him was one phrase. "I won't cheat."

Rule 1005: Pantheon may not befriend the monsters in Twisted Treeline or Summoner Rift.
Rule 1006: Irelia may not be buffed by Morello.
Rule 1007: Irelia may not torture her targets.