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Blue Team was being wrecked.

Tryndamere, Purple Team's only carry had managed to dominate his lane and go to assist his allies in the middle and bottom lanes. The result: Tryndamere had ended his laning phase 11/1/5.

Blue Team seemed to have no hope, as Ashe, Soraka, and Lee Sin gathered at their inhibitor turret for the last stand. Down the lane, the minions were being pushed by all of Purple Team- consisting of Tryndamere, Galio, Graves, Nunu, and Xin Zhao.

As Tryndamere dove the turret, Yorick and Mordekaiser regrouped with the Blue Team and focused Tryndamere- with little to no effect.

Tryndamere, of course having his Undying Rage, simply ate their bursts and reduced the rest of Blue Team and its turret to rubble, leaving only Mordekaiser and Yorick up...

Tryndamere has been slain! Purple Team seemed to slow down in confusion.. Did Mordekaiser's long-timed ultimate kill him?

The Tryndamere Ghost came running out of Blue Team's base, enslaved to Mordekaiser's will and with a death wish against his former team. They took him on, 4v1, when they realized their own teammate was slaughtering them, too! Galio used his ultimate, seemingly able to stop Tryndamere's rampage after Xin Zhao's death...

The resulting damage-built explosion ended the Tryndamere ghost's spree.

Until, they saw the Yorick Revenant of Tryndamere far behind.

Ghost Tryndamere then revived for ten seconds, proceeding to ace Purple Team for Mordekaiser and Yorick. They proceeded to chain their ultimates and focus on Tryndamere until the Purple Team's Nexus had been destroyed.

Regulation #84: Yorick's Revenants may NOT revive Mordekaiser's Ghosts.

funny thing about this is there's a glitch with this if yorick ults mords ghost it will extend the life of it

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"-And thus by throwing at this angle, our goal should be achieved." said Heimerdinger as he dictated his plan to the Battle Mistress. Sivir sighed as she drew back her...weapon.

"You better be right, yordle." She growled before throwing.

The weapon bounced off the wall, off a tree, off the wolves, off another tree, off the golem, off a ward, off a tower, off another tree, off another wall, off of Graves, off a bush, off of Fiora's...bottom, off the lizard, off a rock, and so on and so forth.

Soon, the other team were about ready to finish off Baron.

"Come, the other team is about to respawn. We should finish this quickly." Darius snarled as he slashed.

"Mundo thinks we should worry. After all, what can other team do?"

Just then, Sivir's weapon came flying out of the fog of war, bounced off Darius and Mundo's head, and slammed into Baron, killing it. As they heard the other team's cries of celebration, Darius glared at Mundo, before giving a light smack to the back of Mundo's head.

Regulation #32: Sivir cannot bounce her weapon off the environment.

Regulation #33: Nor can she bounce it multiple times.

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Hahaha, good to see you're still writing these Stalwart!

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"Enemy double kill" screamed the announcer as Tryndamere and Master Yi got killed trying to 2 vs 5.

"This sucks" said Lux. "Definently not fabulous" agreed Taric. Sona mimed her agreement. "Every time the carries scew up all our hard work is wasted, and this time I am gonna do something about it" continued Lux. "What are you gonna do?" asked Taric.

"Give me one of your gems" said Lux. "I can't part with one of my babies squeaked" taric. "I only need it for a minute" said Lux rolling her eyes along with sona. Taric reluctantly pried one of the gems out of his pauldron. "Now hold it over your head and close your eyes" lux continued. Taric complied sheepishly.

Sona play my song. Sona played Lux's song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...&v=X6_RZhh44NY (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=X6_RZhh44NY). Sona you might wanna turn around for this part. Sona complied still playing the song.

Lux starting drinking blue elixirs when she felt like she couldn't drink anymore of the blueberry syrup tasting potions without puking she said ok "lets do this."

The enemy team charged down mid lane knowing it could destroy the enemy nexus with both their carries still dead.

Darius, Warwick, Sion, Lee Sin and Graves jogged down the field. Graves said keep your eyes open there are still three of them. Sion and Darius laughed "yeah three supports." What can three supports possibly do to us said Lee Sin.

"Moon Tiara Magic mother****ers" yelled Lux and she casted her strongest spell. Warwick's ears perked up at the sound of the insult. "Wait I hear..." The lance of light hit taric's blue gem and all 7 seven colors of the rainbow spewed forth right at that moment quadrupling in intensity. Sona was still rocking out with no idea what was happening. All 5 of the enemy team bursted into flames simultaneously.

"Pentakill" yelled the announcer.

The enemy team surrendered with messages of disgust, anger, and serious butthurt.

OMG Lux sooo op. -Warwick
Those blue elixirs need a nerf nao.- Graves
I didn't see anything what happened?-Lee Sin
Supports are so Broken-Sion
What a bs overpowered ultimate-Darius

Lux told sona they won and the two started celebrating since victory meant the people of Zaun could no longer keep yordles as slaves having to pay them actual wages. Taric looked at his fabulous gem blackened from the extreme heat and screamed "noooooooooo my fabulous baby Lux what have you done."

"Taric we just won the match, proved supports can kick ass and freed an entire race from slavery wasn't victory worth it."

Taric just sat there craddling his blackened gem "the price was just too high" he kept whispering until the league officials carted him off on a stretcher.

Lux and Sona partied hard with the other supports that night, but several new regulations were added after that match.

Regulation 9001- Lux cannnot cast any spells through any reflective surface besides her wand.
Regulation 9002- Lux's themesong shall never be played on the fields of justice for any reason.
Regulation 9003- Champions may only drink one elixir every four minutes.
Regulation 9004- Taric shall meet with a League psychiatrist to discuss his gem obsession every tuesday until a panel of experts agree he no longer represents a danger to himself or others.

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"What is this?" Pantheon tapped his shield against the giant wall keeping a giant minion wave at bay. He was at top lane.

"This is unreasonable," Ryze shot magic into the wall before him. He was at mid lane.

"..." Nocturne beat against the giant blue wall that kept him from dragon.

Corki flew down from the clouds. "It's no use, it's just too big!" He shot missiles at the wall in futility, down at bot lane.

Meanwhile, next to her tower in mid lane, Anivia preened her feathers.

Regulation #133: Anivia's Wall of Ice (Crystallize) has a limited height and width.
Regulation #133a (addendum): Anivia's Wall of Ice (Crystallize) has a limited duration.

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Dolan PLS



Just wondering...can Vladmir get past ice walls with his blood pool? If this Anivia forgot to extend this ice wall underground, maybe Vlad can go under it :P?

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Mr Cecil Baldwin

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It was a normal, sunshiney day in Summoner's Rift. The birds

were singing, the breeze was blowing. Somewhere in bottom

lane, a little yordle and a faerie scampered along happily

with their wave of minions, happy just to be there. Suddenly,

a woman who appeared to be comprised of plants appeared

before Lulu and Pix, and planted seeds nearby to instigate


Lulu giggled, as she hadn't encountered this particular

champion before. Zyra cast spells on the seeds, and they grew

into deadly plants with blooming flowers. Lulu gazed in awe,

and reached forward to pluck a flower.

"Look, Pix!--"

Zyra screeched in pain and fell to the ground, grabbing her

leg as if it had been cut. Lulu jumped slightly, being

startled out of her fascination, and observed the woman, who

was now heavily leaking chlorophyll out of an open wound.

"Oh my gosh, are you--"

"An enemy has been slain!"

Lulu shifted her eyes to see if anyone was watching. Upon

finding no one, she put the flower in her hair and destoyed

the enemy tower.

Regulation #573: Champions may not pick Zyra's flowers.

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Talon was about to assassinate Katarina with his blade from the bush.

"BOYAKASHA!" Yelled out Darius as he stole the kill.

'An enemy has been slain!'

"What is wrong with you!?" Asked Talon furiously.

"Everything......." Replied Darius in a very menacing tone.

Regulation #392: Darius is not allowed to see the BOYAKASHA! video.

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It was a disaster. All the champions of that round had been left in trauma, as even the ones on Vladimir's own team were exposed to the horrific act.

The team fight began with something simple enough; Cho'Gath had landed Rupture on Vladamir in the center of midlane. At the max 6 stacks, he was plenty difficult enough to handle alone.. until.. Darius, whom was on Vlad's team with Lulu, Corki, and Poppy landed a killing blow with his Executioner ability.

As the now-headless Cho'Gath fell to the ground, bleeding profusely, Blitzcrank, Galio, Graves, and Jax burst from the nearby river bush towards Dragon. Vlad sank quietly into his Sanguine Pool, drawing closer to Cho's corpse as he did so- the team fight proceeding to become an even battle in the process.

At the close, both teams had no further casualties but Cho and the missing Vlad. Until both teams realized Cho's corpse was moving. Vladimir's insane laughter could be heard, as the ground rumbled, and a giant blood-red form of Vladimir had arisen from the now-dry Cho'Gath! As both teams rushed to flee in terror, Vladimir hunted each one of them down, crediting his team's kills to the deceased Cho and the enemy team's deaths to his own record.

The nexus didn't last a minute longer after the hunt.

Regulation #5412: Vladimir may not use Sanguine Pool to gain massive transfusions from deceased champions.

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The blue team's field of vision darkened as Nocturne's Paranoia set into the Fields of Justice.

Master Yi, Sona, and Garen stood together surrounding their midlane's inhibitor turret... As they knew when Nocturne came for them, so would the other 4 members of his team.

The sound of heavy breathing came from the forest. The three of them checked their weapons, readying for any foe that may come at them. The Paranoia seemed unrelenting.. as abruptly a dark-grey blur emerged from the jungle, lashing out at all of them with shocking force!

Rengar's Thrill of the Hunt persisted, consistently generating an everlasting amount of Ferocity during hte duration of his allied Nocturne's Paranoia- as his Savegery tore through the trio and the nearby turret.

As daylight returned, only bloody shreds remained of the three champions and Rengar had long disappeared... off to claim more heads.

Regulation #103: Rengar may not generate additional Ferocity from an allied 'hunter mode' such as Paranoia.