The Curse of Pandora

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Its was midnight, the sun's rays had left the skies again to rest its head on the horizon. The moon and the stars were expected to take over but were now where to be seen. It was a new moon on a cloudy night, and the land was cast in a deep black void were only the faint torches of distant towns could be seen. It was the night Morgana had finally been waiting for.

Morgana quietly slipped out of bed and dressed before sneaking out into the hall ways careful to not wake her room mate. She tip toed her way down the corridor and turned right at a flight of stairs to a door with gold etchings and silently knocked 7 times. She heard a slight clatter and then the door swiftly opened to reveal a small blonde haired women dressed in armor, her sister Kalye.

"Must you always wear your armor Kalye, it will create such a racket." whisper Morgana

"You no I can't leave without it, I feel naked without it on. Oh and don't worry, I keep it well oiled." said Kayle

"Whatever, lets just get going, we need to make sure they are still there and this is one of the few nights that we can reach them so lets not waste time." exclaimed Morgana

The sisters quickly checked around for anyone wandering the halls and then quickly made there way to a large window at the end of the hall.

"You first" said Kayle jokingly, cracking open the window

"Oh, real funny blondy" said Morgana with a scowl

She then sank into the floor melting into a black ooze and reappeared outside on the ground near the window.

"You coming?" said Morgana

Kayle then spread out her large white wings and took the the skies, flying overhead. She remained in the air for a few moments enjoying the way the wind feels on her wings, before landing on top of a tree nearby.

"Race you" she said dawning her helmet

She then flew off into the night leaving Morgana envying her beautiful wings,thinking how much she would give to see her loss them one day and not be able to fly again. Keep it together she thought This is one of the only nights you have to act nice to her, save it for the League, with that she dissolved into the ground again eager to catch up to her sister.


In the air Kayle could see her destination, a large black mountain covered in the remains of a long dead forest that had once flourished there. A heavy mist hung a top the mountain obscuring any view, but see could sense that her sister was already there waiting for her. She tucked in her wings and pointed toward the mountain top in a dive bomb gaining speed as she went. The mist opened for her as she passed through and then swiftly shut behind her preventing any watchful eyes form peering inside.
Kayle quickly opened her wings and came to a halt as she landed on the ground near a dead oak tree that her sister was currently leaning against.

"Took you long enough slowpoke!" said Morgana with a smile

"Oh shut up, your shadow walking is cheap, did Zed teach you that or did you learn that one your own?" said Kayle taking of her helmet.

"Would you look at that, Kayle being jealous?, my.. my.. my.. that is certiantly out of character my dear. And no Zed wished he could shade walk these distances." said Morgana brushing her hands along the petrified bark of the oak tree.

"We mustn't waste time, lets us check the graves, now shall we. I prefer we get this insignificant task over with. Its not like they will wake up." said Morgana sarcastically

"I know but we promised Dad that we would check the graves once every year, and this is the only night we can do it." said Kayle looking around forest. She drew her sword and spoke in a unknown language, "Requin" and her sword blazed to life with life encompassing its whole.

"To the graves" she said boldly

Kayle and Morgana wandered through the dead forest until they came upon a small clearing filled with bones and skulls littering amongst the ground. In the middle of the clearing was 7 large black crosses sticking out from the dirt. Each cross bore a name that had been crossed out, over looking their own graves, They look like protectors thought Morgana, or maybe more of wardens[/I]. Morgana strode over each one making sure each cross was intact, and the dirt untouched. All looked fine to her until she noticed the air above one for the graves saw shimmering, she touched her hands down the the dirt and gasped.

"KAYLE, we have a problem!" screamed Morgana looking frantically over the graves

"What is it?" said Kayle "Oh ****"

By placing her hand on the grave Morgana had broken an illusion spell that made the graves appear untouched. To her surprise 4 of the 7 were destroyed, the crosses broken and the dirt looked as if someone had dug themselves out. Kayle tried to keep herself from crying but failed so she quickly put on her helmet to keep Morgana form seeing.

"4 of the 7 have escaped" she hissed, a dark energy started to boil form her eyes. "How could this have happend?"

Kayle quickly tried to collect herself, holding up her sword preparing for an attack, "I do not know Morgana, but we must remain focused, they could still be here. Which ones escaped?"

Morgana quickly wheeled around back to the graves and began examining the crosses

"****, why, why!" said Morgana

"What, what is it, speak!" said Kayle

"Pride, Lust, Wrath, and Greed have escaped! Only Envy, Sloth, and Gluttony remain in their graves." said Morgana worryingly.


Not far from the mountain a group of four walked quietly together along side of a road. Not one spoke a word, enjoying their knew sense of freedom and life. They then came to a cross road, with 4 roads each heading in its own direction. The group exchanged glances and each chose their own path and began to walk, each bound for a different region. Earlier the group had decided that if they were to split up they would be much harder to find, so each headed to their own area of power. Lust was heading to Noxus, Greed for Zaun, Wrath for the Freljord, and Pride for Demacia. The gang was finally back, and the world was just as corrupt as they had left it.

Time for some fun

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More on the way, just wanted to finally get this started so I am sorry that it is short but it is more of a prologue/preview.