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is lee sin still good

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mega waffle man:
he is an insa win

Does that mean insane win, insta (instant) win, something else or some sort of sick dirivitive of both?

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I have fun winning every game with tryndamere/leesin/morgana in normal blind haha

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I'm assuming you've never played him so I'll give you some advice. I play him frequently (though I solo queue so I don't always know what to expect)
and I'd have to say he's one of the most op champs I've EVER played with/against on the Twisted Treeline.

The standard build (This is the build I tend to use)

Would be Boots of Speed/3HP->Merc Treads (You can get a Doran's blade before if you need the extra hp and lifesteal)->Phage->Bloodthirster->Zeal->Sheen->Trinity force

Now the last 3 items you can get are completely situational

If I'm just dominating, I usually go for the old Frozen Mallet/Atmas/Warmogs

If their team is TOO STRONK I usually go for anti AD (or ap depending on their team comp and who's doing the most damage) Maw of Malgjerouoafasdifoasfhepititis / Aegis of the Legion / (Situational item, preferably warmogs/thornmail/FoN)

Take a point in Q at level 1, a point in E at level 2, W at level 3. (If you're having trouble with sustain, take W at level 2)

Max your Q first, then your W, leaving E for last but getting that early point.

Try using smartcasting as it's really effective for lee sin (if you have good aim, you won't ever miss a q)

Oh and if you like to have a little bit of luls while you play, get your Sonic wave point on them, ult them and then resonating strike to them. Do it to the point where when you ult them they think they're going to get away, but you just Q and get to them

My summoner spells are usually Flash/Exhaust but if someone on my team already has exhaust I take Ignite

I'm not the world's best lee sin player but I've won quite a few games with him and I hope my advice was somewhat helpful

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Yes, Lee Sin is the most op champion. I love Lee Sin. For 3x3 and 5x5, doesn't matter.