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Game speed changed?

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Sir Prize



I hope I can get some answers about this, because it really is disturbing. By disturbing, I mean the game's just not fun to me anymore.

Has the game's speed been changed? I feel like I'm playing a slug, instead of a champion. movement speed is sluggish, attack speed is sluggish. Something really feels off, yet I can't put my finger on it.

What, exactly, did you change about the game speed, please?

What you are experiencing is related to the fact that riot changed the max/default zoom to be further out. This has the following effects on perception:

1. Characters cross the screen "more slowly" in that it takes them longer to do so.
2. You have to mouse scroll less often because the screen is larger, which makes it seem like you are waiting for something.
3. When you do mouse scroll, more distance is covered faster, so again this makes it seem like your character is slow.

They actually SPED UP movement speed in a way, in that they raise the diminishing returns on it, probably in part to try and compensate for the above perceptions. But it's amazing how much of an effect zoom has on the game eh.