Guides to Getting Better at League of Legends

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I have been playing League of Legends for quite a while now, and I have played against many people during this time. My main concern and reason for this post is to help people understand the roles and purposes of champions in the game. I believe strongly that something worth doing is worth doing right. This applies to video games as well. You do not bring a tennis racket to a baseball game, so it is best to read and understand how to play before blindly going into queue over and over and over until you "think" you have it right.

In an attempt to shed some light to league players seeking to improve their play style, I have put together a series of guides for new players and experienced players to read over in hopes to shedding some light on what they could be doing wrong, and what they could do better. (This is specifically for Summoners Rift 5v5, and should not be taken into account for Dominon or Twisted Treeline).

Here you are.

Basics: <----- Improve General Skill <----- Improve Your Minion Farming Skill <----- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ <----- Learning the Importance of Warding <----- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Intermediate: <----- Health and Resistances <----- Item Costs and Effeciency <----- Counterpicking vs Enemy Champions

Advanced: <----- Raising ELO <----- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ <----- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Lane and Jungle: <----- General Roles <----- Top Lane <----- Mid Lane <----- Bot Lane (Ranged AD) <----- Bot Lane (Support) <----- Jungle <----- Jungle <----- Jungle

For the above links I have posted, people will probably wonder, "Why are all these guides from"

I have picked all of these guides from solomid because they are general guides instead of specific guides for champions.

I am not biased or promoting solomid by doing so, if you enjoy mobafire or leaguecraft feel free to, but just know that these guides are meant to give you a general understanding of your class/role in the game.

In addition I am adding a link for a list of Champions by Tier levels.

Here you are: <---- Solo Que <----- Draft Mode <----- Jungle

I hope that this proves useful/helpful to people in search of improving their game skills. In addition I will try to add on more to this if necessary, or requested. Good luck and have fun!