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The League of Heroes: Chapter 13: Visitor

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'Puts on British ascent'
Hello this is Deimus144, the battle master of the league with a chapter I already wrote before my computer shutdown and now will suffer for not saving.
Now on to the story.

Chapter 13: Visitor
Normal P.O.V
"The patient is Deimus underdark. 18 years of age. 5 feet tall. Has red eyes, Raven hair, and blood type A+. Is in no bad condition whatsoever except that scar on his right eye. He has no relatives or connections except an unknown accomplice and a Demacian woman." Said the white robed doctor to Jericho Swain.

'A Demacian!? Thought Swain, his face unchanged.
Beatrice then started to laugh.
'Oh, you should have heard that!' It said in Swains mind.
Swain ignored the bird and looked back at the Doctor.

"How was the scar formed?"
"From analysis, it appears to be from a lance."
"Is his right eye blind?"
"No, my lord. It should have been but it isn't."
"I see..."
"Why are you interested with the patient my lord?"
"He was supposed to be executed but escaped. I wanted to make sure he was in perfect condition. You can now leave."
"Thank you my lord."
And with that, the doctor scurried off.

With his cane, Jericho shuffles towards the bed and sits on the side chair.
Deimus was connected to a machine to sustain his breathing. He still wore his black leather jacket and black jeans. The jackets sleeves were torn off and his hands were wrapped with black wrappings.
The master tactician then went into a deep thought.
'This is a very big decision. If Deimus was executed, Noxus would have no Necromancer supreme and would loss one of its best warriors. But if he were to live, Noxus would loss Zaun as an ally and would make Noxus vulnerable.'
'And the fact that he is your son.'
'Be quiet Beatrice.'
'Its true and you know it.'
As much as he hated it, Beatrice was right. Deimus was his only son. His sister had been killed by Le Blanc, who was in disguise as a Demacian at that time. That was done in order to make Deimus have a hatred for Demacia.
Mundo killing Acherus, Deimus's master, however, was not part of the plan. And now the plan has backfired and Deimus no longer believes in mother Noxus.
'**** you mundo, I hope you rote in hell you son of a *****.'

Aine's P.O.V
I walk down the street to the port with my backpack in hand. The ship will take me back to Demacia.
I still cant believe that they took Deimus back to Noxus. He is for sure going to be executed.
But he is a Noxian, and he killed Dr. Mundo.

"Wait, what will you do to him?"
"He must be taken to execution."
"Wait! what did he do?"
"He killed Dr. Mundo of Zaun, that's what."
Flashback end

I can't believe I fell in love with a murderer. Mundo might have been paranoid, but killing him was not necessary.
But every time I think about Deimus and his fate, I just have the urge to cry. No time to cry now though, I'm almost at the port now.
A hand seizes me and pules me into an ally.

Grave's P.O.V
Dam, that girl can put up a fight. She kept on biting my hand and tried to reach to her sword.
"Stop! Its me! Grave's!"
She stops. I let go of her.
She turns around to face me.
"What do you want Graves?"
"Listen, I need to know were is Deimus."
She raises an eyebrow.
"He was transported to Noxus for execution. What does that matter to you? After all, you abandoned us."
I frown.
"To be exact, we had to run. Nickolai was to strong for either of us to handle."
The horror then reaches me.
"Wait, did you say he was transported to Noxus?"
"Yes, for execution."
"They wont do it."
She raises her eyebrow again.
"Why do you think so?"
"Because he is their Necromancer Supreme."
She looked bewildered.
"What do you mean by Necromancer supreme?"
"Look, we have no time. Meet me in Demacia and I will explain everything."

Legions P.O.V
Well, this is a seat back
Now chained in the mind of this kid with no way of getting out. I hate it when my prey get wary of my existence.
'This was your fault.'
'I had nothing to do with it. your the one who begged for mercy.'
"Would you knock it off you two? I swear I just want to kill you both."
'No! It was your fault as well Legion. We could have ruled Runeterra with the sledgehammer if you didn't let that girl get to him!'
'He is right! Its your fault.'
"Be quiet Naxrammus. And you too Quin."
'Hm... You are right, we have to wait for an opening.'
'And when it comes'
"Runeterra will be ours again."
We all laugh evilly at the thought.
Suddenly, a blue mist appears.
"What the...?"
A Creature, cloaked in black with searing blue eyes, then appears. It towered over us.
"I am Enacra. I have come with a gift."
'A gift?'
"Yes, a gift that will get you control of this body."

'British ascent still on'
CLIFFHANGER! What is the creature known as Enacra? What will Aine and Grave's do? And is Deimus really the son of Swain?!
Well that was a short chapter but I will be back next week. Now here is my weekly advice.

"Dont love a friend too much because he could become an enemy. And don't hate an enemy too much, because he could become a friend." Deimus144, Battle-Master of the league.

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'British ascent'
I believe the reason you gentlemen and women are not commenting is because this is chapter 13.
13=bad luck.
Well I personally don't believe in luck.

"There is no such thing as luck. There is only hard work, determination, will, and responsibility." Deimus144, Battle-Master of the League.

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Well disguised self-bump ^