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FriedRicee69 Live Stream!!!!

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Hello Summoners!!!!!

This is FriedRicee69 saying Hi to all of you and I'm streaming my way to 2000 elo, I hope to build friendships, learn a lot, have people give me advice, and ultimately grow with me on the long road to higher elo. I would be posting a youtube series, Crucial gameplay moments, and streaming 24/7! So, feel free to join me, make good memories, and buckle in for a wacky adventure that is the Ranked Solo Queue all the way to 2000 elo. Hope to see you all soon! = D

link - http://www.twitch.tv/fredaljohn

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dude i am so down to join you in streaming LoL 24/7 hmu i just added you and hope to hear from you soon!