Custom Music/Sounds Folder! Like GTA3 for pc

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In Grand Theft Auto 3 for pc there is an ability to listen to a bonus radio station that plays songs that the player installed into a certain directory.

I thought this was cool. i wish just about every game would do this.

It would be nice if there was a custom music folder to put songs in and lable them the name of a hero sot hat whenever that hero is picked that music is played in a loop throughout the match.

Also, for those of us that don't like certain ingame sounds and love to customize, it would be very cool to have a sound directory.. perhaps a custom folder that we label the hero's name.. and in it we put in our own "Punchsound.wav" "Speech1.wav" or whatever they are called. we merely have to put in a wav file or mp3 (or whatever the supported format is) with the proper labels and it would play those sounds instead for the user. but nobody else. just in their client for them. everyone else would hear it normally.