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A Tale of the Stars

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Hey guys,

In this work I have decided to create a new champion for the fields of Justice. Unfortunately I have to go away for a week so consider this a teaser I will continue writing when I get back. Also I plan on writing up a post for the champion Ideas section with this as a prototype. Hope you Like IT

Chapter 1 (Preview)

“Great, mid again” Silreth thought to himself, it was by far his favourite role and just about the only place he could go but still, he got bored of it again. His summoner was giving him directions through his head, and through Silreth to his meteor. Silreth was an ascendent. He had achieved the rank of 'judge' in the stars and had been set upon the task of watching soraka. Her failure to control herself had brought much grief to the stars, but still they wished to persist with her, hoping that she would one day join their ranks. It was Silreth's job to watch over her and to judge her progress, reporting back to those above him. This would be easy had she not join the league. The nexus's that are used in the league deny vision into the institue and fields of justice, as this is where Soraka spent most of her time it was where Silreth had to see. To solve this dilema, Silreth had to descend from the stars and join the league, to watch over their star child.

Being of the stars, Silreth was a mage. He uses the cosmos to inflict damage, a right given to him only cause of his office, no other star is allowed to harm others. Each of the judges have their own technique for using this power, however Silreth's is the most creative. He uses a meteor that travels around with him, he can control its movements and its power. He manoevers the meteor to pass through enemies, causing damage, he can also do various things to manipulate the mateor.

Today Silreth fought in a political match. The lord of a demacian household had been alegedly poisoning opponents of her daughter, so that she may win her duels without effort. This had been picked up by the authorities however the lord protested and as such I league match is being fought to resolve this. More important than this was the fact that he could watch soraka, she was on his team, down bottum with graves. Even as he made his way to the middle of the map, soraka failed to impress, dropping essence of the stars on minions, mindless beings but yet the principals remained. She was doing harm and as such would not be ascended soon.

Later in the match

Before he could react, talon was behind him, slicing his sacred robes without a second thought, with a calm aura, Silreth pushed out cosmos from his robes, pushing back talon and inflicting harm on him, something which he hated doing but was neccesary. Then Talon disappeared, while his blades remained hovering in a circle, with a slight desperation, Silreth frantically guided his meteor around, hoping to hit Talon in his invisible state. He was successful, with a cry of pain, Talon reappeared, summoning his blades to him. Without missing a beat, Silreth exploded his meteor, once again harming Talon, Silreth then proceded to summoning forth another meteor from the cosmos. Guiding it through minons towards Talon, only to have it destroyed as Talon jumped behind it, dealing massive damage. Talon then turned to Silreth, once again Silreth expelled cosmos from his robes, attempting to push Talon away to no anvil. Talon jumped behind Silreth, ripping his flesh, Talon then sent knife anfter knife through Silreth as he tried to summon forth another meteor. Then Silreth lost connection with his summoner, ending his summoned form. In thirty seconds he would be summoned again back at the platform, his third time.

Soraka was doing her job, not well, but doing it. She was protecting others, the way a true star child should yet she was also harming champions.

www.twitch.tv/silreth (http://twitch.tv/silreth)