"What's TT?" Event - Let's have a party

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Big Fat and Cool

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I cried at the League of Legends april fools joke for two reasons: First off, it wasn't very funny.

More importantly though, they didn't even mention twisted treeline. It's like they really wish it didn't exist.

To show how many people actually play this map, (or at least; how many would play it with a few improvements and a non-ranked-team draft mode) let's have a little event, shall we?

On the 21st of April, we'll be having a Twisted Treeline party. It will be a saturday, so just play as many matches as you'd like throughout the day. However, there is a little challenge you should also try. You and your team has to have to use ONLY champions with colors on their character model featured prominently on twisted treeline artwork: In other words Purple, black, and blue. This means characters like Kennen, Leblanc, and Maokai are fair game while Lee-sin, Singed, and Tryndamere are disallowed.

It doesn't matter what level you are; I am 30 and so are most of the people I'm personally inviting to this, but a lot aren't.

If all goes well we can get rid of the reasoning that not enough people are interested in playing 3v3s to warrant putting Twisted Treeline on to-do list.