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Technical Issues and Complaints

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I only started playing LoL just over a fortnight ago and I've been hooked since. However, there have been many major technical issues that I've been confronted with. Most of which are caused by obscene lag. I have ADSL2+ and a download rate greater than 100kbps and some games I have are almost flawless (in terms of connection) but when I started out the lag was hideous and now it has made a return.

Here are some of the following things I have experienced in ALL of my past 5 or so games:

- Apparently non-existent minions attacking non-existent minions and lighting up an area in the fog of war (where their bodies cannot be passed through). This gives a false sense of security and the bodies of the minions in the way prove hazardous whenever attempting to move through them (once these clusters appear they last the entire game)

- Animations like the blue buff circle sticking with me after respawning (I didn't keep the effects of the buff)

- Attack animations from other champions have been cut out (and mine have been delayed or don't activate at all)

- For periods varying between 1-15 seconds I cannot move my champion and he gets attacked and dies many times because of this.

- Sometimes when I am attacked by enemy champions their body appears as a corpse on my screen and since it is a corpse I cannot take any action against it. This happens for all enemy champions at some stages through the game

- My champion walks in places he shouldn't because all the places I tell him to move do not process immediately (half the time not at all). He ends up getting killed by turrets and teleporting enemy corpses.

- There is no walking animation for corpses so it appears that they are teleporting in about 5-10m jumps

- Sometimes when I buy items in the store it buys 2 of them or doesn't buy it at all (the gold subtracted from my total is always accurate to the number of items I do or do not receive)

- Sometimes when I activate skills they do not activate immediately and all my LoL games recently have been quite laggy in general

Unrelated to lag: - When Summoner's Rift is downloading for all 10 players and I swap tabs on my Windows, LoL automatically closes and when I reopen it it says that it was already running and that in needs to be terminated (which ends up in me reconnecting and missing out on the first minute or so of the game). The only way I have found to avoid this is to simply not switch.

I could complain about 2 recent suspensions I have had and why they are completely unjustified but I'll have to stop here. All I want at the moment is for this ridiculous, horrendous and completely obscene lag (no exaggeration) to be fixed so I can have an enjoyable game of LoL like everyone else.

Also, this needs to fixed urgently because 100% of the time it has been a game changer and a customer shouldn't have to suffer 40 minutes of dying from lag and losing because you just can't leave games no matter what.

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Mr Whoople

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Wrong section, but I applaud you attempt to fix this. Send Riot an email if, after making a thread in the appropriate forum, you get no response. LoL deserves more people like you who are getting hooked.