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1 vs 1 Me Bro!(Game in testing)

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Alright so I’ve created this new game with my friends and it’s shown to be quite fun. It’s called Jungle Tournament! It’s where near baron there will be a fight going on in the river. The game is played in draft mode, for fairness. It will be a one vs. one and each person has three lives, when you die you may go stand near baron and give aura to your ally. There must be a battle every two minutes but at the same time the other members are in the jungle. Every time it must be someone different and each person must go once. At any time you may base except for in 1 vs. 1 (but if you win after is fine). At any time you may get buffs to use in 1 vs. 1

Team jungling/Counter-jungling

While the 1 vs. 1 is going on, and doing the 2 minute wait period, your team will be jungling to get experience. NOT creeper leaching but jungling. Your team is allowed to stay in your jungle and also farm off the other jungle but if you are in the other jungle you are not allowed to kill or directly attack the enemy. (An AoE ability that you throw at a monster is allowed to “accidentally” hit the Champion, yes that means Lux can laser you across that map or gangplank’s ult could go off, if it’s on say Blue buff) If an enemy comes into your jungle you may kill them also. Dragon is a neutral monster and is part of "no-man's land". "No man's land" is the river where you can only fight dragon or baron. No intentional team fights except for over dragon or baron. The teams may fight for it, same with baron but their must be a 1 vs. 1 happening (Emphasis on 1 vs. 1) If you die while counter-jungling or a dragon fight, that is counted as a lost life.


This is done in draft pick so you can take out early game champions and master the tournament. Most teams consist of 4 different types. There are Watchers, Junglers , Death Aura, and the Solo.

The Watchers are the people that stand at the entrance to your jungle or walk around your jungle searching for enemies; they usually ward and have high early game abilities. Watchers normally go fight 1 vs. 1 once and then wards. They can plant wards at baron so their team know who the next 1 vs. 1 enemy is to assist their team and also stop enemy kiters.

Junglers are teammates that need the jungle to level up so they do better in 1 vs. 1. These consist of late game champs that really need that extra push. They spend most of their time jungling and when they get buffs they do better in 1 vs. 1s.

Solo is the expendable champ who will do the best in fights on their own. They are sent to 1 vs 1 more and takes a challenge to kill them. They could also be champions easy to kite with. The solo normally goes at the two minute mark to let his team jungle.

Death aura is used in late game situations. They are champs who die and then buy aura items to help their allies in 1 vs 1. Death aura's can be killed at any time by anybody. They can kill other death auras only in no man's land.


After your three lives have been expended you are dead. You cannot attack enemies or ward but you do have an important job. You can buy aura items to assist your allies in 1 vs 1. The bad thing about being dead is that at any time and any place the enemy can kill you to feed themselves but you cannot fight back at all, not even using a jump ability. (So if you haven't already gathered, you should sell your items and get Auras) You cannot be killed when your in your jungle if your dead. You cannot jungle in other jungle but you can attack baron or nasher. A death aura can fight other death auras but not while the 1 vs 1 goes on

Last Man Standing
This is something you want to avoid so you want to keep your team alive and span out their lives over the course of the game. If there is only one person left they have to continuously keep battling enemy champions. That means once you slay one, another can come charging right in and you cannot leave the arena.

The rules are simple yet complex:

  • There must be a 1 vs. 1 happening every two minutes.(but can be sooner)
  • This is done in DRAFT mode, so you can choose who to ban.
  • Each champion has three lives.
  • You cannot kill enemies in their jungle, and they cannot kill you in yours.
  • You can help your team when you die with aura's, but you can be killed anywhere.
  • Play fair and have fun, actually takes some strategy.

A lot of teams usually feed one person but that is a bad idea because late game they will have to face champ after champ with no breaks.

You want to get boots because enemies kite, ALOT. Gap closers are always good too

People can run from bush to bush to kite you, always be prepared for a duke

If there is a troll just let the enemy team know where he and all report them. Trollers will ruin this game no matter what.

A good strategy is always shut down their jungling, but do it fast you don’t want to get caught.