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Disconnect during Sumoner Connecting Screen.

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I am having this same issue but only since latest patch actually had to re-install after the latest patch so it would work at all. I get through the loading screen and then the loading screen disappears and game never launches at which point thus far I have been restarting the LoL launcher and going through the loading screen at which point I finally load in but then I will usually DC at least once more in the early parts of the game if its Vs AI if VS players seems to DC every minute or two, making player games an impossibility. I have re-installed and attempted running with no third party applications and still have not had any luck getting it to work. Anyone else with any suggestions or info would be great.

EDIT: I did some testing while on Ventrilo to see if I was maybe DCing from the internet completely thus causing the DC's in game but they were able to hear me the whole time I was in that game and I was only able to stay in the game for a min or two at most, but never lost Ventrilo connection. I do not use LoLReplay at all. r3dlog here