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Zombie's Leagueocalypse with zombies (by Zombie)

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Magister Gir

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no killing bad Jaykoboy bad down. hehehehe. Its been 3 weeks now I demand a new chapter so I can say awesome job and wait for the next one. anyway I'm still looking forward to your creations and others as well that I need to catch up on as soon as I find them of course like I did KoggxMorgy now just to find the story about Shyvanna and Cassiopiea

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when r u gonna come out with another chapter
none of the good series have any chapters added lately

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Magister Gir

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I NEED ZOMBIES AND BRAINS NOW!!!! *rolls around on the ground and spots a butter fly* 030 *camera focuses on butterfly. It was a performing an elegant dance in the air its wings flapping effortlessly and with ease a hint of care. The butterfly knew it was being watched and enjoyed it it wanted to show how beautiful a simple insect can be-*.....
Camera guy: where'd it go?
Shary as a neko: *nom nom nom* hmm :3 *butterfly in mouth* I caught itz *kitty face of triumphant >:3*

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Im sorry guys, i really do need to put up a chapter but have been so busy with graduation and the collab that I haven't really had a chance to sit down and think about what it is i want this chapter to go. I promise to have it out by next sunday or earlier because im done with school forever on thursday and i will go on a writing binge for friday and saturday to get this out. Im sorry for the really hard delay but i still want to complete this story

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Magister Gir

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I can help out if you want but I come with a fee of Tacos!!!

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Chapter 4: Hecarim Finds Out What It's Like to be a Slice of Beef

The hardest part about killing someone is the guilt you feel afterwards. As I stood over Ashe and the pool of blood that surrounded her, my body began to go numb. Her lifeless eyes staring up at me with the shocked expression plastered on her face. It whipped at my being like a thorny branch. My deed was not done though. I had to wake someone, Volibear probably, and tell him that Nocturne had struck. No one had awoken to see what I had done and for some odd reason, I wished someone had. Release me from the prison that I was now in. With Ashe’s death, I stepped into the cage and there was no escaping now.

I retracted the blade and ran to Volibear, shaking him hastily to awake him. “Volibear!! Volibear wake up!” I whispered in panic. His eyes opened almost immediately, “Volibear, Ashe is dead!!” I said, faking a scared expression complete with tears. “I was watching her and and and...and then her throat opened!” I said hastily.

Volibear gave me a confused look before putting his hands on my shoulders, “Whoa there! Calm down a bit. Now tell me again…slowly this time,” He said. My breathing slowed and I began to say my words more clearly and slower.

“Ashe was sleeping but then she gasped. I walked over to her to see what was wrong and saw her grabbing at her throat. I didn’t know what was going on but then her throat opened, spraying blood all over me. I think it’s Nocturne! I think he killed Ashe!” I said in a panic, making sure to put fear into Nocturne’s name. Volibear’s eyes instantly widened as he let go of me and ran over to his late queen.

He fell down on his knees next to her and looked down at the wound I had inflicted. She was dead; there was no doubt about it. “Oh my…” was all he could say as he stared at Ashe. I swear I saw tears gather at the edges of his eyes, which only made me feel worse about killing Ashe. His hands passed over her face, closing her eyes before he stood up again. I only watched as he walked over to Tryndamere, shaking him steadily until Tryndamere awoke.

“Why are you disturbing me Volibear?” Tryndamere asked as he awoke from his sleep. His face showed an angry expression telling me that Tryndamere was not a morning person.

“Your queen has died,” Volibear replied with a melancholy voice. He pointed towards her lifeless body. Tryndamere’s eyes widened as he stood and slowly made his way to his wife’s body. “The healer says Nocturne did it.”

“What do you think?” Tryndamere asking without moving his eyes from the dead woman.

“I was asleep…I don’t know for sure,” Volibear replied, ashamed that he could not stay awake and attempt to save his queen. Tryndamere shot him an angry look for failing at his duties but then waved him a dismissive hand.

“Wake the others, they need to see this,” Tryndamere said with a shaky voice. I wasn’t sure if it was anger or sadness, but his next action made it clear. He looked at me, rage filling his eyes as he stomped towards me. He grabbed a fist full of my jacket and lifted me off the ground. “Did you do this?!” He snarled. In shock, I merely shook my head.

“No! Why would I want your queen dead? I have no reason to want her to die,” I replied as calmly as I could. “Besides, with what blade would I have killed her with?”

This rather large hole in his suspicion seemed to make him reconsider his suspect, me. He dropped me to the ground and looked me over. He saw there was nothing I could kill her with. The black bracer was hidden under the sleeve of my jacket and far from his view.The barbarian king turned to his companion Volibear who was now waking Riven and Pantheon.

“What is it Volibear?” Riven asked sleepily as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Her breathing was heavy like someone who had just woken up from a comfortable sleep.

“Ashe has been killed,” Volibear said in a saddened tone. This sparked awareness into Riven as she sat up from her laying position. She looked past Volibear and towards the dead queen. Hurriedly she ran towards Ashe and stared at the wound. Her eyes immediately shot towards me.

“How did this happen? You two were on watch!” Riven said angrily towards me before she stood up and grabbed the collar of my jacket. “Tell me!” She growled.

“I was watching her and then her neck just opened up as if someone cut it! I swear I didn’t even see anyone,” Pause for dramatic effect. “I think it was Nocturne. He wrote a sign at the institute stating he was free...” I said in a voice almost filled with fear. I could see the discomfort in Riven’s eyes as she heard my explanation. Her grip loosened on me as she began to realize how much this wasn’t my fault. Or rather how much of this wasn’t my fault from what I was telling her.

She let me go and went to examine Ashe’s body with the rest of the group. I couldn’t bear looking at the woman I had just seconds killed and stayed away from the group. The guilt was killing me and I felt as if I should have been the one dead, but that wasn’t a choice. Riven and Akali were at stake and I couldn’t allow them to die.

I never had feelings for Riven. She always seemed a bit too….forceful for me. I don’t know what it was but the fact that she wouldn’t hesitate to beat me into a pulp kind of pushed me away from her. I did, however, understand her. Her entire life centered on a lie. My entire life centered on being something I didn’t want to be. While Riven was serving in the military, I was fixing up the soldiers who tried to follow in her footsteps. Picking up the tracks her greatness had left. Feeding off the leftovers of a goddess.

At times I did wonder what it would be like to fight at Riven’s side. She was sort of our version of Garen, but less talk and more action. It was this curiosity that almost drove me to become a soldier rather than a medic, but in the end, I figured my life was not worth the questions.

Akali was different. She wasn’t violent (aside from when she had to be). She was calm, insightful, and wise. I could make an entire list of things that attracted me to Akali. I don’t really know what it was or how it even happened, but I guess it was love at first sight.

The more I watched the group become increasingly nervous with the thought of Nocturne being free, the guilt really began to settle. Soon they would all be his puppets and it would be my entire fault. I wanted to stop, wanted to just say no and allow Riven and Akali to die, but of course…I couldn’t.

We didn’t sleep the rest of the night. Volibear stayed awake, digging a hole for Ashe with his bear claws (no pun intended). It took him over three hours but he finally managed to make a hole deep enough for her. It wasn’t much of a funeral service; we all just stood around as Tryndamere placed the body of Ashe in the pit. None of us watched as the hole was then covered.

The sun rose soon after and we began to move on. He never said it, but I could tell how horrible Volibear felt for letting Ashe die during his watch. Of course for me, it was slightly less painful considering I had time to prepare for the oncoming grief that would follow my actions. That does not mean I didn’t feel guilty about my choice.

As we walked, I could see the sweat glistening off of everyone’s skin, my own included. Our clothes were drenched and there was barely any water left. If we had collided with a horde of the undead, we would have surely died without much of a fight, luckily, we didn’t. It wasn’t long though before Ezreal passed out.

We all ran towards him, creating a ring of bodies as we did so. I knelt over him, noticing his raspy breathing. “He’s dehydrated,” I said between my own breaths. “We need to get him some water.”

The canteen I had earlier was beginning to run dry and there wasn’t a lake in sight. I refused to let Ezreal die. He didn’t need to and I didn’t want to have to live with the guilt of not being able to perform my job. It all came down to a choice. Sacrifice what little water I had to save Ezreal, or take it all for myself. It took me a while to come up with my decision, but I pulled the canteen from my bag and placed the open end to Ezreal’s lips. I felt myself slightly hate myself when I knew the water had emptied.

“We need to find some water,” Riven stated, lifting Ezreal off the ground and putting him over her shoulder. Although she was fatigued, she showed great strength by burdening Ezreal’s weight. I stood still as the rest of the group followed Riven. My eyes closed and I was in darkness.

“I was expecting some fun, but I am becoming disappointed,” I could hear Nocturne’s voice speaking to me in the darkness. “So, in order to…balance things out, I’ve sent a few agents of my own to bump up the excitement.” Nocturne’s hoarse laugh began to echo in my mind.

I felt a tap on my shoulder which knocked me from the darkness. I opened my eyes to see Sejuani giving me a confused look. “Are you alright?” She asked. I replied with only a nod before following the rest of the group further down the road.

As I walked, Nocturne’s words began to echo in my mind. What had he meant by ‘bump up the excitement’ and who were the ‘two agents’? I kept trying to ask myself what it was that Nocturne was trying to pull, but I knew that it was a waste of time to try and predict him. He has been alive since as long as humankind could dream and therefore could give General Swain a lesson in strategy.

The day dragged on and I could see Riven’s face beginning to contort in agony. In an act of kindness, I placed my hand in front of her. “Stop, you’ve been carrying him all day. Give him to me,” I said sternly, a sullen expression on my face to show I wasn’t joking. She merely spat.

“Don’t kid yourself. I give you an hour before you’re begging for me to take him back. Just stay out of my way,” her face showing anger as she pushed me aside with her shoulder. I stepped in front of her.

“I’m not going to stop. You either give him to me or we can keep this up for another five miles,” my ultimatum made her stop and sigh with annoyance. She gently lowered Ezreal onto the floor and cracked her neck.

“Go ahead, give him a try,” she challenged. I knelt down, placing my shoulder at Ezreal’s waist. I took a deep breath before heaving him upward and finally felt what Riven had been burdened to carry. By no means was I out of shape. As a matter of fact, I was healthy for my age. I had though, lost some of my strength from my military service since all I did was heal wounded champions. My body was no longer accustomed to the harsh training the military had put me through.

My legs struggled to carry the added weight of Ezreal’s body but I refused to let Riven win. “Feeling tired already?” Riven asked with a smirk on her face.

“No,” I struggled to say as I adjusted Ezreal’s body on my shoulder and looked at her with a smile of my own, “I can handle it.”

“I give him 30 minutes,” Pantheon chuckled as he walked passed me.

“Let’s go, we need to find water quickly or we’ll all end up like him,” Riven began walking ahead of me as my pace slowed with Ezreal’s weight bearing down on my shoulders. I pushed on though, because in Noxus, to give up is to die.


It was just before dusk when we finally saw the shimmering water of Serpentine River. It was still another two mile walk, but we could finally see it as we stood on a cliff overlooking a valley leading to the river. The horrifying sight was what was around and inside the river. Bodies floated among the countless dying fish. The worst part of it was the shambling figures that surrounded the river. They fought with what could only be survivors, but the numbers of the undead were so great that even we would have surely died if we were in the position of the survivors. The screams were horrible as I imagined the undead finally gripping their teeth into the soft flesh of the women and men among the group.

“We should stop here for the night. We can get some water in the morning from streams coming off the main river,” I said, lowering Ezreal onto the ground. The cliff we were standing on shielded us from view with its own natural barriers. “I’ll take the first watch with Pantheon.”

No one really had the energy to disagree. They all planted down on the ground and soon after, they’re breathing slowed to a near halt as sleep overtook them. I sat down on the wall of the cliff and watched as Pantheon began to remove his armor. He stuck his spear into the ground and racked his armor onto the spear. He was the least fatigued among all of us and looked like he could still go for a match at the institute before needing rest.

I looked over at him, confused at how he could go on for so long without needing rest or water. Even Riven, a former Noxian battle goddess, didn’t hesitate to sleep. “How are you not tired yet?” I asked him.

Pantheon turned my direction before a smirk spread across his lips. “Every Rakkor is taught to survive four days without any resources. Be it sleep, water, food. We can survive without it.”

“Survival without water for four days is impossible. I’ve read that a maximum amount of time someone can go without water was three days,” I argued. Pantheon merely laughed. “What are you laughing at? It’s true!”

“I don’t doubt your books Noxian, but training to be a Rakkor soldier is far harsher than any military. Even yours,” Pantheon sat down after finally placing his helmet on the end of his spear, creating another face looking at me. I couldn’t argue. If he was right, then it was no skin off my back.

A moment passed before Pantheon sat up in alert. His hand immediately grabbed the shaft of his spear. He knocked the helmet off and pulled the spear from the ground. “Do you hear that?” He whispered.

To be honest, I was way to sleep deprived to notice anything that wasn’t in the immediate vicinity. My eyes did, however, open wider upon hearing Pantheon’s whisper. We stood still for seconds before I began to hear it. It was the sound of hooves striking ground. At first, I wasn’t worried about it, till the number of hoof strikes seemed to multiply the louder it got.

“THERE!” Pantheon shouted, lifting his spear to point in the direction of the noise. I turned and saw the worst possible sight. Hecarim followed by a platoon of his shadow warriors rode towards us, or rather, towards me. Hecarim reared himself as he stopped in front of me and raised his lance above his head.

My body refused to move as I watched Hecarim’s lance begin to descend. The corner of my eye caught Pantheon’s shoulder ramming into the centaur. Just as my body began to react to the near lethal blow, Hecarim was falling over. The tip of the lance cut into my chest as I tried to dodge to the left. The shadow riders did not yield even as their leader fell to the ground. They’re bodies pushing past me as they rode off the cliff and disappeared into a mist.

I, however, could not disappear and fell off the edge. My braced hand shot upwards, grabbing the ledge of the cliff. It felt too unnatural to call it reaction. As I registered what was finally happening, I could hear Pantheon’s voice shouting Riven’s name. “GET THE NOXIAN!!” He shouted after she replied with a call of his name. I couldn’t see what was happening but he sounded as if he was in a struggle.

Soon after, Riven’s head poked over the edge of the cliff, worry plastered on her face. “Healer!” She shouted, reaching her arm downward to assist me. My left arm clasped onto her forearm, but I nearly screamed when I saw an undead lean over Riven.

“Riven! Watch out!” I shouted. The hiss of the undead alerted Riven to what was happening. Her elbow shot up, making a cracking sound as it struck the face of the undead. With her free arm, she reached back and grabbed the collar of the corpse’s shirt. With great strength, she flipped the undead over her and sent it freefalling down the cliff’s edge.

I watched as Riven’s face contorted in strain as she began to lift me over the edge of the cliff. When I was finally on solid ground, I looked to see Pantheon fighting off a group of the undead. The rest of the group was now awake, attempting their own survival. Ezreal was now being carried by Tryndamere who could do very little against the undead, but was fortunate to have allies.

Hecarim was barely recovering from Pantheon’s tackle, but that didn’t stop him from decapitating any undead that tried to bite into his spectral flesh. The butt of his spear planted firmly into the ground as he pushed all his weight onto it, lifting his heavy body upright.

“Get Pantheon and get everyone to safety, I’ll handle Hecarim and get the undead off of your back,” I said hurriedly. Riven’s face turned from worried to shock.

“Are you crazy?!? You won’t survive!” She shouted. I placed my hand on her shoulder and looked into her widened eyes.

“Trust me,” I said quietly. “Now go, there isn’t much time before Hecarim starts attacking us.”Riven was stunned for a moment before finally realizing I was right. She nodded her head and ran off, gathering Pantheon as she sprinted in the direction of the group.

When they were out of view, I whipped my wrist, releasing Nocturne’s blade from the black bracer. Hecarim and I slowly walked towards each other, slicing down the undead as we did so. Soon, we stood nearly face to face. His mouth twisted into a wicked grin. “So, you are the one Nocturne has chosen,” his voice deep and threatening with each word.

I nodded my head, “He has chosen me to bring fear into the mind of others so he can take over,” I said, raising the blade up to a ready position.

“Is that what he told you? Gullible human!” I didn’t have time to react before Hecarim was bearing down on me. Each strike from his lance hit the black blade, creating sparks of spectral energy. In our dance of death, I managed to get the answers to a few questions.

“What do you mean ‘is that what he told you’?” I asked between breaths from the battle. The undead seemed to stop attacking. Looking around, I found that they had all been felled. No undead stood standing and none seemed to be approaching.

Hecarim’s laugh sent chills down my spine, “You think that is all Nocturne has planned for you?” Hecarim questioned. “I was sure even you could figure out that he isn’t truthful.” The centaur laughed. “Oh well, I guess it doesn’t matter anymore since you are soon to be buried underground.”

Heacrim charged himself at me as I readied for the coming onslaught. My blade parried his lance as he passed by me. I could sense the hatred in his eyes as he reared around to face me once again. “A horsey playing Chicken…never heard of that before,” I mocked.

The centaur replied with a starting gallop. I watched as his speed increased as he neared me. My leg muscles tightened in anticipation to the attack. When Hecarim was only a foot’s distance away, he leapt into the air, raising his lance high above him. It was the perfect opportunity.

My blade exited out of Hecarim’s spine. My fist was plunged deep into his stomach. It stopped him mid jump as he tried to figure out what was impaling him. He howled in pain as he realized my blade was sticking out of his back.

“This…this is impossible!!” Hecarim growled. “I refuse to be beaten by a pathetic human!!”

“Get over it,” I said coldly. In my head, I could hear the words ‘finish him’ echoing. With one heave, I pulled the blade as I turned away from Hecarim. His now vertically split body falling into two directions. The blood sprayed my back as I turned away from the sight. But when I looked towards the gore, I saw a figure in the trees not far from me. I pointed Nocturne’s blade in the figure’s direction. “Show yourself.”

Sejuani walked out from the trees, eyeing the blade attacked to my arm. “What is that?” She asked sullenly. She hesitantly approached me as I turned away from my future ‘wife’. Retracting the blade, I looked back at her. I wanted to deny having the thing, but I knew I couldn’t. She had seen and had a choice. I could kill her, call it an accident, or just tell her everything. I had seen enough death for the day and decided to just explain it.

“It’s Nocturne’s. He gave it to me back at the institute to bring fear into others,” I explained before looking up to see Sejuani’s eyes locked onto the blade. Her face showed slight fear of the cursed thing. “Don’t worry…I’m not going to stab you. Personally, I don’t like it at all.”

“So it was you that killed Ashe….” Sejuani accused. The guilt I felt forced my head into a nod. I couldn’t deny it any longer.

“Yes, I killed her. I had to or Nocturne would have…done things. Things I don’t want to happen,” our eyes locked for a moment while I continued to explain. “Nocturne told me to follow with your plan. I know you wanted me to feed Ashe to the undead, but Nocturne had a different way to get rid of her and benefit himself.”

Sejuani kept her eyes on mine as we stared at each other for moments. “Hmmm…What would happen if I were to tell this secret to the others?” She asked, placing a finger on her lips.

“Nocturne would kill us all, or, the ones that he could.” Sejuani seemed to consider this for a moment before moving closer to me.

“Ok, I’ll keep your secret,” she whispered, grabbing my arm and pulling me into the forest of trees. She slammed me against one and pressed her body on mine. “But you have to do me a few favors,” a grin spreading across her face.


I followed Sejuani back to the rest of the group. All of them were sleeping except Volibear and Tryndamere who were arguing about something. I was guessing they hadn’t seen us since they kept up their argument.

“I’m sorry Tryndamere. I had no idea what was going on. My desire for rest got the better of me,” Volibear argued to an angered Tryndamere. Tryndamere merely grumbled in response to the excuse.

“I don’t trust that Healer of ours. Noxians are always bad even when they’re good. I can’t shake off the feeling that he had something to do with Ashe’s death. I-“

“Is there something wrong Tryndamere?” Sejuani asked in a serious tone to show that we heard the last bit of their conversation. Tryndamere clenched his teeth in anger.

“Everything is fine,” he said as calmly as he could. Sejuani merely nodded her head as she sat down on the ground next to the group. Her head found the ground soon after and her eyes closed. I watched her chest move slowly up and down as she breathed.

I could feel Tryndamere’s eyes staring at me with burning hatred. When I looked, my suspicion was confirmed. There was a thick silence between the both of us but I soon broke it. “Is there something you want from me?” I asked.

Tryndamere merely grunted his displeasure and turned to face away from me. At first, I didn’t have a problem with the barbarian, but now that he stated how much he didn’t trust me, I began to hate him. This only made having to kill him so much easier, when the time would come. But at that moment, I shrugged my shoulders, laid down on the cold ground next to Sejuani and closed my eyes.

In the darkness of sleep, I could hear only one word being repeated over and over again. “Good” Nocturne’s hoarse whisper kept saying. I didn’t know what I had done, but whatever it was, it pleased Nocturne. I didn’t care much for pleasing him, in fact, I hated doing it. But I had done what was right. I saved the small group I had by killing the ghostly centaur. As I recalled his vertically split body, I internally gagged. I had not been one for violence but I still managed to cleave Hecarim in half. What turned off in me that allowed me to do such a thing? It bothered me, but I shrugged it away. The deed was done and I couldn’t unkill neither Hecarim or Ashe. My body count was two, and the second time, it was oh so much easier.


Back at the institute:

The inhabitants of the institute were becoming sickly. A strange disease was spreading among them and no one knew what it was. It started as merely a cough but then sprouted into fatigue, then irritability and then vomiting. No one had died, but Akali wouldn’t have been surprised if someone had.

Her observant eyes scanned the entire institute. Whatever the disease was, it didn’t seem to be contagious by normal means. It seemed to pick random victims. Annie had been the most exposed to the sick and yet she seemed perfectly normal. As she watched the entire crowd of champions and people, her eyes fell upon a withered old man sitting in a corner, muttering to no one.

Akali stood up, confused by the actions of Zilean, she approached him. Kneeling down next to him, she placed her hand on his shoulder. “Zilean, is everything alright?” She asked in a worried manner. Zilean turned to face her, his wide eyes carried bags that showed severe sleep deprivation. His expression was shock at human contact.

“They are coming,” his elderly voice spoke out. “They are coming,” he repeated. His face showed nothing but fear, making Akali uncomfortable.

“Who is coming? Healer and the group? Did they find Taric and Soraka?” Akali questioned. Zilean shook his head.

“No, no, no no…They won’t find them,” Zilean revealed. “They will be killed, killed by something terrible…something terrible will come here.” Akali’s heart immediately sank at the revelation Zilean was giving.
“The undead, the undead will kill them?” Akali questioned. Zilean shook his head again.

“No, not the undead. Much worst, something much worst,” Zilean rambled. “The darkness…the darkness will come and consume us all.” Zilean’s bony finger pointed straight at Akali. “You will be the first…the first one to fall to the darkness.”

Akali’s eyes widned. “What do you mean? Zilean, who is telling you this?”

Zilean’s eyes looked up into her’s. “The darkness…he is telling me. He is coming soon and we can’t stop him!” Zilean’s eyes began to water and soon he was shedding tears. Akali slowly backed away at the crazed chronokeeper and retreated to her own corner of the institute.

She brought her knees to her chin and wrapped her arms around them. Healer was going to die. He was going to die and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Her eyes filled with tears and soon, she found herself crying. Fate could sometimes be so cruel.

Author's Note: gotta love Foreshadowing

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Nocturne's going to possess the healer. I'm calling it now.

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The waiting was long, very long. But it was definitely worth it.

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The waiting was long, very long. But it was definitely worth it.

Eh, yeah, sorry about that. Its just that I was so busy with graduation and stuff that I didn't have time to write at all. I want to say that since summer is here I will have more time, but I can't say for sure that I will. I am getting a job for the summer and I am joining a boxing gym and as you all know i am part of the League High Collab so I will try my best to keep writing this even though I have all that on my plate.

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This is...

This is amazing. The way you write and describe everything with so much detail is awesome. I'm really liking how you portray different characters and the situations they are in. Like Zilean being the crazy person who can see the future was really good.

Can't wait for the next chapter. I will be waiting in intense anticipation.