Would you like to see a Finn the Human champ?

All day, Every day 1 100.00%
That would be pretty cool to see 0 0%
Who? 0 0%
.... No 0 0%
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Champ idea

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The KingVCF

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I love adventure time. that being said, alot of other people love adventure time too
now with that being said, the sickest, coolest thing for a champ that riot could do is:
Finn, the Human

call me what you want, but those who just shivered at the thought of playing as Finn, with some abilities using Jake, will agree with me that having Finn as an addition to this game wud be the greatest thing in the world.

I dont know what his features would be, whether hed be a support, mid or whatever (but i see him more as a top champ), but i hope that people would see this and say "wow, i love this kid for thinking about this. I too want a Finn the human champ" and carry on and spread the news and the idea as well as create some abilities for him and bla bla bla. i dont care about credibility, just carry this idea all the way to riot and i will be the happiest man on earth, for a couple of seconds before someone else becomes happier than me . seriously tho.... Finn, the human