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The Might of Demacia, Who Slew the Night.

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Gannicus Crix



In the darkest hour of a the coldest night,
A being from the darkness sets his hungry sight,
On the victims whose hearts are filled with fears
For this creature feeds off their innocent tears
As they lay there head down to sleep
His black blades have their soul to keep
And as they die before they wake
His thirst has been sated for another day
But as the night stikes again
Another victim he is sure to rend
For the people can hear scream and cries
Of those taken away by the creature of the night

As time began to pass,the blackness never did seem tolinger
For the frightened people gave him the name Duskbringer
For everywhere he went he turned it black as death
With pain and suffering, to which was his breath
His jagged blades attached to his wretched hands
For a simple motion would splatter crimson across his glands
And as he feasted on the despair of others
A brave knight named Garen could no longer endeavor.

With a standard of Damacia that inspired valor and glory,
He put on his radiant armor and made his journey
In the province where the bringer was amuck
He rented a room, in the village last struck
And as darkness came, hey lay his head down
With one eye open waiting for a sound
As hours passed, he awoke to horrifying groan
Followed by a bloodcrudling whisper telling him he was all alone
He then quickly jumped to his feet poised for battle
But there was nothing there.. just a slight rattle
He took a deep breath convinced he was only paranoid
But before he could make another thought his face became void
For a black blade pierced though his chest
The bringer whispered "Oh champion, this nightmare will be your final rest"
As the blade was pulled within him, Garen feel to his knees
A red river flowing out, as if into the seas
Was this the end?
Was this how the Might of Damacia would find his end?
As his life flashed before his eyes
Garen realized that this was not his time
Like a lion bursting from its cage
He gave the duskbringer stare of pour rage
With unmatched courage he took his sword
Plunging it straight though *******s vocal chord
With disembodied shriek the creature fell to ground
Both of his black blades sunk into the floor keeping him bound
As Garen took up his mighty sword for the final blow
He roared "Damacia!" for the world to know
Bringing it down on the monsters back with such focus
Shredding the creature in two for great justice

And as the light of dawn came for nights end
The whole village came to tend
The wounds of this brave warrior
For now this provice was safe from this dauntless terror
All that was left from the creature was a pinch of dark matter
which the League of Legends came and took for an unknown matter
But the provice will never forget the champion that slew the night
For he....For he is Demacia's might.

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I loved it, great job!