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Who is the best TT jungler for ranked?

Udyr 3 33.33%
Olaf 0 0%
Shyvanna 1 11.11%
Jarvan 0 0%
Warwick 1 11.11%
Lee Sin 3 33.33%
Rammus 1 11.11%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 9 .

Olaf Jungling/ Morde Jungle

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Hey guys, as my team is moving up the ELO bracket by messing around, currently at 1418, I want to start jungling for the team but for some reason I don't have enough sustain to jungle olaf or morde. Any specific rune and mastery set up or is it impossible to jungle with them?


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Junior Member


Warwick is your go to, he is a super simple jungler. You can't really go wrong with him. Once you start getting better and jungling in general you can try different more advanced junglers.

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Get Some 101

Senior Member


IMO if you'r talking best jungler its Lee. His ability to gank is unmatched by most of the other junglers in his ability to go through terrain, as well as being an anti AD when it comes to his E. Since his W has life steal on the second activation, and a shield before, it allows you to be well sustained with the correct runes. When I go Lee jungle, I rush the wriggles and then build into off tank. I can still control jungle and actually stay alive coming into ganks and take the damage for my carry.