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Help! Patcher Kernal freezes and stops working!

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ignotis devv

Junior Member


so i loaded my League of Legends kernal today and everything was fine. i pressed play and the kernal took me to the login screen. when i typed my username and password in though, the computer froze. My computer is pretty old so i thought it was the computer's fault and i restarted the computer. afterwards, my computer ran an NTFS checkup and now i can't seem to get the kernal to work! it keeps getting stuck at the loading screen even though i just updated it today. The kernal will not let me press the play button as it is not loaded appreantly and after a few seconds it freezes and a windows notification pops up saying that a problem has occoured and that the program will close and i will be informed if a solution comes up. Also as a side note, the first bar (top one for loading) is stuck at 33 percent all the time and the second bar which checks your data does not move at all. does anyone know what is going on? please and thank you in advance!

P.S. i've added a screenshot of my problem thanks again!