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Bug - Extra "Q's" as Riven

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1. Began game as Riven on blue side (if Masteries/Runes matter, please say so!)
2. Ganked by Lee Sin + Udyr.
3. To escape, I used Q --> Q --> Flash --> Q
4. As I came down, I noticed I had a whole new set of Q's to use, which allowed me to escape.
I also ignited sometime during that chase. Although I had cleanly gotten away already, I had 0% CDR, so I should have never been able to escape that.
Also, I mashed Q very quickly, only hitting the flash once I saw the gankers closing the gap.
Thats about all I know of it. Hope I was of some help!

Obviously the problem of this was the fact that I could get away BECAUSE of those extra procs.Unfair that I got about 6 jumps as opposed to 3.

Oh, I was also mashing Q really fast, if that helps.