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Any Nunu Jungle tips?

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I suggest using TheOddOne's jungle nunu route with a slight variation due to the new jungle system this season.

Summoners: Flash/Smite

Start boots 1 pot 1 ward. Start at wolves and have teamates helping you kill and make sure to use your consume by 1:45 in order to have it up for when the blue golem is low enough to consume and smite it. Now go invade the enemy jungle and drop a ward at red buff in order to harass him if he attempts to do it, and watch for a counter gank. Gank top/bot through the tribush and if that fails go into the enemy jungle killing their creeps leaving one to prevent it from spawning until they kill it. If for some reason you can't pull off a gank from the tribush go B get your items and gank through the lane. If you pull this off properly one potion should be more than enough, but remember a leash is a must for this to work.

For the record since I don't know your summoner level I'm going to assume that you're 20-30 with jungle/armor runes. If you want to see it in action feel free to contact me in game.

IGN: Cield