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My Submission to the Urf Remembrance Contest

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Shadow Rush x3

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On any normal day, Fizz would be running around with a playful grin, but this was no normal day. Being the anniversary of the senseless killing of Urf, the air was mournful, and Fizz seemed subdued. Although everyone hated the painful memory of Urf’s death, just hours before he was set to join the Institute of War, Fizz was especially affected by this event. During his travels he and Urf had shared quite a few pleasant memories together. Despite this tragedy, Fizz was not one to spend his time moping. Having one day come home to find everyone he knew and love had vanished, Fizz was used to unpleasant memories. Because of this, he decided to arrange a special ceremony to celebrate the life of Urf. He had trained several sharks to put on a show, Pantheon and Morgana were baking Urf cupcakes, and several champions, including Jax, Corki, and Fizz himself, were set to give speeches about Urf.

All of the preparations for the ceremony seemed to be going well, and most of the champions were excited for the ceremony: With Sona in charge of music for the event, Leona and Janna in charge of making sure the weather was good, and Fizz as the master of ceremonies, the event promised to be fun despite its sordid nature. This was, until Miss Fortune came running to Fizz, and told him dire news: Gangplank had decided to use the commotion of Urf’s celebration to attack Bilgewater City, and with its key defenders occupied with preparations, the city could be ruined. Though he hated doing so, Fizz knew that he had little choice, and postponed the celebration of Urf’s life.

While Fizz and Miss Fortune teleported to Bilgewater City, those who had been waiting for the event began murmuring. Some pondered as to what would happen with the various things that had been prepared for the event.
“Do we still get to eat the cupcakes?”, Enquired Kog’Maw. Cho’Gath, ever the gentleman, chided him for being so impolite, knowing even despite his hunger that this was no time to feast. Others began discussing the recent choices of summoners. Lee Sin, who would normally be glad to participate in an Urf Day ceremony, was crippled by the demands placed on him of late. Once the initial conversation about the event itself faded, the focus of discussion changed to gossip about which champions were dating, and how accurate Blitzcranks predictions had been. Eventually, however, as the champions exhausted their pool of small talk, they became restless. Expecting some entertainment during one of their rare breaks from a busy life at the Institute of War, they decided to follow Fizz and Miss Fortune.

For Fizz and Miss Fortune, things had not been so leisurely. Having teleported to Bilgewater City, they encountered Gangplank, who was not happy to have his plundering interrupted. Fortunately, Gangplank had been injured during his raid, and it would not require both of them to stop him. Realizing this, Fizz felt a pang of joy, knowing that perhaps his Urf Day celebration could become a reality. Gangplank on the other hand, was not happy to be dismissed as an easy task, and as Fizz went to recall, Gangplank shot at him. Only by his instincts was Fizz able to avoid a full on shot, and even then being grazed by the bullet was painful. Having dealt with worse, Fizz decided to take cover and attempt to recall once more, ignoring the pain. When recalling, however, something went wrong. Instead of being sent back to the beach where the party was to be held, Fizz found himself inside the jungle of Summoners’ Rift. It was there that he saw something that made him the angriest he had been in quite some time: Warwick, clad in the skin of Fizz’s slain friend Urf.

It was then that Fizz decided that even if it meant he couldn’t honor his friend with a celebration, he would avenge the beloved manatees death. With an angry cry, he lunged at that foul lycanthrope, hoping to seriously injure his opponent on the first blow. Warwick however, was not taken off guard. With his keen sense of smell, he was able to sniff out the grog-soaked wound that had been inflicted on Fizz. Moving at the last second, he narrowly averted being struck. Apprehending that Warwick had anticipated his move, Fizz turned back, grimacing. Having put so much effort into his attack, only to have it dodged, left him weary. Warwick, sensing his opponents anxiety, decided to go on the offensive in an attempt to end the fight and return to his current match. Thus, he jumped towards Fizz, preparing to root him to the ground and hopefully finish him. Fizz, realizing that he could not avoid Warwick, decided to chum the waters. If he could stop Warwick from jumping on him for too long, he might have a chance at victory.

While Fizz was locked in a terrifying duel to the death with Warwick, Miss Fortune was doing fairly well. Gangplank, despite often being guided by his avarice, was smart enough to know that while injured he couldn’t keep up a fight with Bilgewater’s foremost bounty hunter. Thus, after trading a few shots with Miss Fortune, he fled. When the other champions who had decided to see how Miss Fortune and Fizz were doing arrived, their hopes of action were soon replaced with dismay. When they asked as to the whereabouts of Fizz, however, Miss Fortune’s answer surprised them. If he had recalled, he should have been back at the beach, preparing for the party. Curious, several others attempted to recall and see what had happened. They too found themselves scattered across the Summoners’ Rift. Although this was shocking, it was nothing compared to the sight that awaited their eyes: Fizz and Warwick, both seemingly close to death, fighting with full force.

Both Warwick and Fizz were aware of the fact that their duel now had spectators, but this did nothing to change their behaviour. Both were exhausted, having received the full brunt of each other’s attacks. Though Fizz’s plan had worked, it did not stop Warwick from inflicting quite a bit of damage with his claws. Both having used all of the abilities at their disposal, it became a close quarters brawl, in which both fighters were evenly matched. Fizz’s trident kept Warwick from healing himself, while Warwick’s quick reflexes allowed him to stop Fizz from eluding him. As the battle wore on, however, Fizz realized that his multiple wounds made Warwick’s thirst for blood stronger. Despairing, he attempted to finish the fight before it could drag on any longer, and put all of his strength into hurling his trident at Warwick. Now without his weapon, and devoid of energy, he fainted, seeing only a glimpse of his trident flying at the despicable killer of manatees.

When Fizz came too, he saw the blurry outlines of Akali, Shen, and Kennen. Once his eyesight was a little better, he tried to move around a bit as to better take in his surroundings, only to feel an agonizing pain all over his body. Before he could hurt himself more, Akali told him that he was in the infirmary of the Institute of War, and summarized what had transpired after he had fainted. His trident had indeed struck Warwick, who would eventually succumb to his wound. At this Fizz smiled, knowing that he had at least been able to bring justice. After she told this and explained what had happened with his recall, she gave him some less enjoyable news: due to the grave nature of the injuries he had sustained from his melee with Warwick, he would likely require surgery to recover fully, and even then it would be weeks before he could be active again.

It was to the joy of all of the champions when Kennen announced that Fizz would likely make a full recovery, so they decided to make him a gift commemorating his efforts to uphold the honor of Urf. So, it was decided that by enlisting the help of Yorick, they would attempt to change Fizz’s shark to be just like Urf in appearance. A few weeks later when Fizz had fully recovered, the Urf day ceremony went through as originally planned. Once again, like the Urf Day of the past year, the event was a tear filled one. This time though, the tears were not ones of sadness and grief, but of exuberance, because although the champions of the league would never get the Urf they knew and loved back, they got to see Fizz’s new shark, a spitting image of Urf, perform a dance more complicated than Fiora’s blade waltz. It was then that they realized that they would always have memory of that prince among manatees in their hearts, something that was more valuable than anything they could buy.