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The Resurrection of Urf

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The Resurrection of Urf
From the moment he was born, Urf knew he was destined for greatness. He grew up in a small village with other manatees and trained for his entire life to become a warrior of unmatched skill. Doing so alienated him from most of his friends and family, but he continued to train because he knew that his species needed to become known to the world. The others did not wish for this, but Urf knew that they would embrace the power that comes with fame if they were given the chance. He set off into the world to learn more about it, adopting his people’s fighting style and weapons that represented his culture. The fish he carried was a representation of his background in the water, while the spatula symbolized the culinary arts that his people excel in. When Urf first learned of the League of Legends, he dismissed it as nothing special. Over time however, he became a fan of the league’s own Jax, and decided that he could prove himself and his people by joining the league and have the glory of fighting, and even defeating Jax in combat. Urf was quickly allowed into the league because of his skill and obedience to the summoners. When he was finally allowed to fight in his first ever match, he was overjoyed to find that He was to face off against Jax in the top section of Summoner’s Rift. Before the waves of minions had come, Urf decided to patrol the waters of the river to make sure that middle lane was not be ganked. Before he could make it back to his lane, he was ambushed by the wolf Warwick. Having been surprised, Urf had little chance to take down his assailant. He fought with all of his strength, but after a long and bloody struggle, Warwick was victorious. What happened next was strange. The summoner guiding Urf lost his connection with Urf’s mind, and he did not return to fight again in the spawning pool. It had seemed that sabotage had been involved, but no evidence could be brought to light. His body was never found, but rumours said that Warwick wore it as a trophy and later sold it to a butcher.
Chapter 1
Strange noises could be heard all around him. His vision had not recovered and he had no memory of his current situation. “Where... am I?” he thought to himself moments before he felt searing pain enter his body. “Vital signs are increasing!” he heard faintly as he drifted back into slumber. He awoke later in a bed, with some sort of machine connected to him. He found himself able to stand, even though it caused him a slight pain. The machine that he was attached to was on wheels and he was able to move it to the old, wooden door which he found was locked. As he sat back down on his bed, he decided to think of his current situation. For some reason, he had no memory of who he was or why he was in this strange building. Suddenly, a feeling of dehydration came over him and he panicked until he noticed a tank of water near him. He dunked his head in and inhaled deeply, which caused the horrible dry sensation to fade away. After calming down, his bed provided a comfortable place to stay the next few hours and ponder what had happened. Soon, the door to his room swung open and a woman with pale skin and strange features that did not match his own arrived carrying a platter of seafood walked in and set it on the table beside him. “Ah, you’re awake,” She said happily and left the room. Moments later, a man with similar features strode in. “I’m sure this is all confusing for you,” he said, “but all will be explained. You may be wondering where you are, this is a facility in the city of Zaun where we perform experiments in technology on subjects. We were designing a new form of necromancy but we had no one to test it on. Days later we heard the news of a great warrior falling in battle in an arena. We stole his remains and brought them here. This warriors name was Urf. Now you may be wondering where you fit in all of this, as I am sure your memory has yet to return to you. Let me just say that I am currently speaking to the great warrior who fell in battle that day, that I, Professor Stanwick, am currently speaking... to Urf.”
Chapter 2
At the mention of the name, his name, the holes in his memory began to fill in. He was a great warrior with a purpose, but he could not quite remember what it was. “I was killed?” asked Urf. The professor took a sip of some brown liquid with a strong odour before saying “Yes, you were killed in an arena known as the League of Legends, a political arena that pits champions against each other to fight.” Stanwick explained. “I know this is a lot to think about all at once, so I will leave you be. When you have recovered more, we will begin training.” “Training?” Urf said as Stanwick was leaving; it appeared that he had not heard him as he continued walking. Urf found himself needing vengeance on this League of Legends and their brutal ways. Killing people just for politics, how could anyone conceive such a gruesome sport? But somehow, he felt as though he needed to return to this arena, which he first entered for a reason he did not yet understand. Urf decided to wait for the professor to return before thinking too much more on the subject.
Chapter 3
Training was very taxing on Urf’s body. It had not experienced large amounts of movement in a very long time, and he had to start by just learning to run again. He soon adapted to his new conditions and strove for improvement. Soon enough, he was practicing fighting skills. He did not know why, but he excelled in using a fish and spatula as a weapon, which he was drawn towards. Eventually, the professor soon explained what his purpose was. “Urf, I have brought you back from oblivion. I am capable of much more magic, but I require funds for my research to continue so that I can provide more improvements on society. “So” Urf began but was cut off. “Your job is to enter this League of Legends as my sponsor. You will win matches in my name and I will earn more money to help others. Surely this is a suitable request for all that I have done for you?” After a short pause Urf replied “Yes, I will represent you in that arena.”
Chapter 4
At a first glance, Urf could tell that the city of Zaun was in need of repair. When he walked outside he could see that poverty lined the streets, food was scarce for those that truly needed it. The professor was right about needing money, if something was not done soon, this city would be done for. Urf was lead into a vehicle of some sort being pulled by horses that took him, with the professor and some of his colleagues, to the outskirts of the city. He was on his journey to the Institute of War to make his triumphant return. The trip took several days, but soon they had arrived. The shimmering structure took Urf by surprise, and he was stunned by its beauty until Stanwick told him to move on. When he strode up the steps, he stared at the large doors of the Institute. As he thrust them open, he could see all eyes in the main room turn his way, all of the conversations slowly die down until everyone had locked eyes on him. Stanwick lead him to the lead summoners who were overjoyed to see Urf’s return. They did a quick test to see if Urf was ready for battle, and soon he was accepted. His first battle would be within the week, but he was to be kept a secret from the public for his glorious return. Soon enough, he met a man who sparked remembrance in Urf. When he learned of the man’s name, he remembered the reason he had joined the League in the first place. “Jax! I remember you now! I have wanted to duel you for so long!” “Well, many have given me that request.” He said in a deep, intimidating voice.” We will see if you are worthy after your first match.” After hearing this, Urf knew that he had to win. No matter how hard he would have to try, he would have to win.
Chapter 5
The air was cool on Summoner’s Rift as Urf prepared for the match. He could see spectators filling nearby seating areas and could not help but feel nervous. “Do not worry.” The voice of his summoner resonated through his conscience “This time, we will show them who the greatest warrior of all time is!” Too soon it was time to begin and Urf hurried with his lane partner, Nasus, to the bushes in the top lane. Anticipation made it incredibly hard for Urf to stay still, but soon enough their enemy came into focus. A horrid red creature was lumbering towards them. He was alone and was going to scout the bushes to make sure no one was in them. Urf prepared himself, and he saw Nasus charge up his staff. The moment the creature entered, he was immediately bombarded. Urf quickly attacked with his spatula and fish until the fiend was lying on the ground, dead. Soon enough, minions had begun pounding at each other in their endless cycle, and the red demon returned. Urf and Nasus where able to overpower him almost too easily, when suddenly Urf saw a familiar blue streak rushing from the bushes. Nasus was immediately overtaken and fell, while Urf felt the ground rumble underneath him. Suddenly, horrible spikes rose from the ground and pain seared through Urf’s entire body. He was bleeding heavily and he could tell that this had sent Warwick, his attacker, into a frenzy and soon enough Urf found himself rising from the ground away from his body. He was quickly whisked back to where he had started the match. He ran back to his lane and saw Nasus was defending their tower from the onslaught of minions when he finally had to escape from exhaustion. Soon Urf was on his own, and he was expecting Warwick when he came again. He dodged the wolf and turned to strike him with all of his might. Satisfaction rang through him as each blow was struck against Warwick until his body lay in a heap. He had finally done it! Warwick was defeated and vengeance had been enacted! He pushed the minions forwards and destroyed the towering structure that was destroying them. Urf left the lane and teamed up with Veigar to take down Fiddlesticks. He positioned himself in the bushes as he saw Fiddlesticks freeze in one of the tiny master of evil’s abilities. He jumped in and struck a powerful blow to fiddlesticks when he was suddenly overcome with a terrible sensation. Nothing made sense anymore, everything around him twisted and turned. He had to get away, and fast. As he began to run he felt his life force being drained. Suddenly, it ended and he saw that Veigar had been victorious. Urf returned to the spawning pool and suddenly felt as though all of his wounds were melting away. He wished he could stay there the entire match, but he knew his team needed him, and soon enough the enemy nexus was destroyed.
Chapter 6
Urf was greeted with a cheers as he returned to the Institute. Everybody was chanting his name and he saw Stanwick nodding in approval of his actions, a sinister grin on his face as he turned to talk with others. The celebration was wonderful and made Urf feel like he finally belonged to the League. Food was prepared and drinks were abundant. When the party was winding down, Jax approached Urf. “So about that match you were talkin about, meet me outside of the Institute tomorrow morning. You’ve earned it.”