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How to get out of 500 elo?

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@MysticTomato I could try to help you but I at low elo abit to I at 1087 so do not know how much help I am going to be to you.

I also not really a AD player at less it not my best roll so far my best role is jungleing.

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Liquid Colossus



It's possible to have been dragged that low due to your teammates. I play well consistently, winning lane and scoring many kills with very few deaths. However, I have lost 10 games in a row this past week due to having poor teammates. I had teammates that could not be reasoned with because they were either trolling or did not speak english.

you're probably playing someone like leblanc or garen. Play nidalee or morgana, and if you win the laning phase, you will carry.

if you're at 500, like others said, it's your fault. Again, learn to play nidalee or morgana, or an ad carry. If you can't get out with those champs, it's no doubt because you're bad.