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A defense in response to TheInfamousDrK's accusation

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Akua Madoru

Master Recruiter


Today in game, I bumped into TheInfamousDrK (a longtime player of League of Legends, who I believe I've seen a few times since I started playing in 2010).

Here's the story.

We ran Riven top (memememememe!), Katarina mid, Master Yi jungle, and AP Sion/Caitlyn kill lane bot.

They ran GP top, Brand mid, Mundo jungle, and Teemo (DrK was playing this) + Nidalee.

DrK made a claim that I found interesting. Supposedly, Cait had critted her level 1 for around 400 damage. Then she proceeded to claim that she was suspicious and took a look (through a "light hack&quot at Cait's packet.exe files. Inside, she said that she discovered that Cait's "crit rating setting was set to 400%," and thus, Caitlyn was hacking to gain an unfair advantage.

Here's where I started to get a little dubious of the whole thing: she claimed that her husband was a techie at Riot Games. If he is, then I accept defeat and will wait to see what happens in the end. But I would like to present a counterargument to the accusation of hacking.

A bit of theory crafting here:
(note that I do not factor in damage reduction due to armor)

Let's say we have a Caitlyn level 1, running all flat AD runes and crit chance runes.

  • 9 flat AD marks at 0.95 AD each = 8.55 AD
  • 3 flat AD quints at 2.25 AD each = 6.75 AD
  • 9 flat crit seals at 0.42% each = 1.6254%
  • 9 flat crit glyphs at 0.28% each = 2.52%

Runes alone give around 15.3 AD and 4.1454 % crit chance

Let's move onto masteries.
Supposing Caitlyn was running 21/9/0 as most of them tend to do, we can expect these damage boosting masteries:
  • Brute Force: 3 AD
  • Havoc: 1.5% extra damage (we'll work this in later).
  • Deadliness: 0.5
  • Lethatlity: 10% increased crit damage
Masteries give roughly 3.5 extra AD (Havoc will be factored in later).

Now, level 1 items. Assuming Caitlyn bought a ...
  • Doran's blade (which she did): 10 AD
  • Longsword: 10 AD
  • Boots: 0 AD
In this instance, Caitlyn gains 10 AD from items

Finally, let's put all this into action.

Caitlyn gains a total of 28.8 AD from this build. Added to her AD, she has a starting AD of 75.8. Now here is what I think caused the massive damage.

Caitlyn's passive (Brush Shot): Every 8th / 7th / 6th autoattack is enhanced to be a headshot, dealing 150% damage to a champion or 250% damage to a minion or monster. Attacks from brush increase the attack counter by two instead of one.
  • 75.8 AD * 2 (from crit) = 151.6
  • [151.6 * 0.1(from Lethality)] + 151.6 = 166.76
  • 166.76 * 1.5 (from Brush Shot) = 250.14
  • [250.14 * 0.015 (from Havoc)] + 250.14 = 253.8921
Not exactly 400 damage, but it is quite a hefty amount of damage.

Now let's assume instead of crit chance glyphs, she had flat AD glyphs.
Her starting AD would be 78.
  • 78 AD * 2 = 156
  • [156 AD * 0.1] + 156 = 171.6
  • 171.6 * 1.5 = 257.4
  • [257.4 * 0.015] + 257.4 = 261.261
Again, closer to 400, but there yet.

Let's try one final simulation:
She only has 1 crit chance glyph (0.28%), and everything else is AD. I'll spare you the calculations and just give you that her starting AD is 81.59
  • 81.59 * 2 = 163.18
  • [163.18 * 0.1] + 163.18 = 179.498
  • 179.498 * 1.5 = 269.247
  • [269.247 * 0.015] + 269.247 = 273.285705
I believe this is the maximum amount of unreduced damage that could be done at level 1 with a Caitlyn critical hit.

TheInfamousDrK. If Caitlyn had truly critted you for 400 damage at level 1, then I would recommend asking Riot tech to follow up.

If you were exaggerating, I believe your claims might have been a bit unwarranted. The guy just got really lucky.

EDIT: Remember that Teemo has a base health of 383, and that 400 damage would have almost one shotted you.