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Worst team you've ever had...

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Well, I just have to post this. I just had, the worst game ever... You know you say that after every loss but this was amazing at how bad it was.

Panth and Jax top. Should be a good lane. Guess who dies to first blood? A Pantheon that got poked to death by Cait's Q in the bush. Told him to back and heal, "STFU NUB" he says.
After Panth dies, cait and Mao pull to Jax and obliterate him. Nuff said, minions have now spawned.

I am doing great in mid, I am Cass vs Karth and keeping him pushed and outfarming him like no other. Keep the exchanges brisk and I take him out lvl 4 with my QW Ignite E spam and melt his face and go along my business farming.
No team has a Jungler mind you, which I thought was odd...Anway.

So after top feeding 5 kills to cait in the first 10 minutes, lets take a look at bot lane. We have a Rammus and Urgot. Op, yeah. First time Rammus, and an Urgot who's "PING" causes him to tower dive and chase through bushes up river...
Bot lane ends up feeding Kennen and Talon around 2-3 kills a piece 10 minutes in.

So at this point things look very grim. No one is getting any CS except for me. Around 12 minutes I had 70 or so farm. Than they kick the trolling into high gear.

All of a sudden Rammus is in my lane. No towers gone yet, he just decides to go mid. I ping him and tell him to leave... Over, and over, and over. Then guess what OH HAI URGOT coming to join the tea party in mid I guess. I tell them to leave over and over, about 1 minute go by of this and their bottom lane comes up to illicit a fight and our urgot Ults Maokai into our group who instantly Ults stuns and eats him, and then they murder Rammus who so willingly rollyballed into their tank...

My team intentionally ****ed me over. I have never seen anything like this in a game before. This went on for about 28 minutes. I literally lost my mind at one point. I couldn't take it anymore.

I no longer want to play this game thanks to these guys... I was looking at the "PLAY" Button and it made me sick to even think about dealing with this again. I reported them all, and asked the other team to do so as well. No one should ever have to go through a game like that. No one deserves such punishment... Le sigh, I digress... idk

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I think your problem is...

You need to carry harder.

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Honestly, it sounds like you were trying to micro manage your team. You were telling Jax to heal before minions had even spawned, and telling people to get out of "your lane".

I think you need to take a look in the mirror, and figure out what you are doing to cause drama in the games you play, no offense.

Good luck.

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^really you are one of THOSE guys i woulda told him to heal it was smart you heal get back to lane before minions arrive nothing lost the people bot ditch their lane for yours after feeding which usually results in the lane you were watching and destroying in getting fed then destroying you so you stfu