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I need help teaching someone...

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OK I need help teaching someone.. I've told them the lingo we use. how the minions work how to use a champion.. the works... Then they come out and they say they don't understand the whole turret system and they don't understand why their champion can be bursted down when someone has the same champions and items etc etc...PLAN and SIMPLE I NEED HELP TO TEACH THIS GUY HOW TO PLAY LEAGUE OF LEGENDS! I mean like he is my friend at my high school.... I refered him to the game..he likes it when he does good but when he gets owned (and he gets owned hard) he rages and 70% of the time he will rage quit...

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Honestly, ive played this game for a while. I have 1 level 30 and this account. I made this new account due to my mistakes on my 30. But back to the point, i would suggest showing him some videos on youtube. The people that make league of legends tutorials normally have a very good general idea about the game. There are some videos also that show diagrams and maps while explaining it. My advice if you dont want to do that is take the time outside of a game maybe IRL to make a drawing or something. I learned though simply by the players around me, it took me until at least level 10 or so but ya. Hope this helped, and i wish you the best of luck with your friend.

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Yeah have him check out these
And find a champion he likes, watch the spotlight and check out a guide. Explain to him what works and what doesn't and how to last hit. Last hitting and warding is very fundamental!

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Game has a steep learning curve. More than most games out there.

If he doesn't have patience and goes right into raging, it may just not be the game for him. Also, he has to want to learn. If hes just going to rage quit, he doesn't sound like he wants to put in the effort and while its nice of you to try and teach him, its hard to teach someone who just doesn't want to learn.

I'm not saying to give up, but maybe a slower, more easy introduction? Beginner bots? Laning together, recording the games and going over replays where he did good/bad?