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need help to get an internship!!

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I know this may be a bit random but I really need your help.
I just applied for a summer internship hosted by the North Face and the Sierra Club. It's an outdoors program where we guide kids and teens through the summer. While doing this, our job is to video blog and document our experiences. They pick the top 5 most voted and top 5 that are chosen by them. In the end, only one will win - not quite sure how they will pick yet.

So I wanted to ask for a favor from you; if you could possibly vote for me, that would be sooo greatly appreciated.
I'll link down below where you can vote.
Then, just click the yellow thumbs and it should show your vote.
It is free.
Thank you so much again! It would be so amazing if I am able to get this opportunity. And I know a huge chunk for that if that would ever happen would be because of you.

VOTE FOR ME HERE. THUMBS UP THE YELLOW THUMB. (http://content.sierraclub.org/bestinternship/content/jillian-best-intern-earth)