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Any Ashe pointers?

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AtW NeoN

Senior Member


I've probably played about 15-20 games as Ashe so far right now. I'm only level 28, so no ranked games yet. But I have a pretty even 1:1 W/L Ratio doing Duo Q mostly, which isn't too bad considering the random factor.

At any rate, I am just curious about any Ashe pointers. I play her to mid usually (Half a runepage filled), as I feel kind of awkward laning. Due to the recent champion addition, Vladimir is my opponent mid about every other game. I typically do pretty good at mid, but I just cannot deal with him;

- His life steal is too spammable and more powerful than my Volley after a while, so he can out harass me after the initial opening (Volley-Crit-Etc)

- His ult is pretty much as good as mine, when combined with his pool, so we can ult harass each other equally.


Late game when I'm critting every shot and have madred's, he is complete food. But he really gimps my mid game, and I feel like no amount of skill can really make you trump Vlad mid with Ashe. Here's the build I use;

Doran's Blade- A little extra damage, the life steal is noticeable after my first trip or two back, and of course the 120hp. With the build I use, I need to lane LONG. And out of all the Doran's, I find this one the most reliable on Ashe.

BF Sword- Makes last hitting really fast, you push harder, and you just overall are better. An early BF sword just dominates IMO. I also build it into IE soon, but if I can't get it first trip back, I pickup Boots of Speed and build them into Swiftness right after I get my BF.

Boots of Swiftness- Read above. And personally I found all the other boots to be mediocre on my type of Ashe.

IE- Finish IE...

Get a PD, Madreds...etc. You guys get my idea.

Ult>Volley>Frost Shot>Hawk

Really I think that is a nice build and isn't limiting me vs Vlad, what do you guys think?

Any overall suggestions would be welcomed. I'm just trying to get better with my favorite champion right now (I do very good as her, but I want to be better.)