Teamfight Narrative: Summoner's Rift

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1 Week Ago

Pow-Pow hummed as the bullets tore through the tree line. Morgana kept an eye to the river, tuning out Jinx’s maniacal laughter and the cursing of the poor sod she set her sights on. The river seemed peaceful. Morgana felt mildly tranquil as she turned and raised an eyebrow to Jinx’s fooling around. The blasts of light turned even her bullets to smithereens, but she didn’t seem to care. Her body was tense, she was itching to give chase, but there was no telling what was waiting beyond the treeline.

Morgana grinded her teeth as Lucian dove out from the trees firing like he had a machine gun of his own. With a flick of her wrist, Lucian’s hardlight was stopped with an invisible wall and with another, she fired a blast of dark energy at him. His body seemed to glow, and instantly, he dodged both her attack and a blast from Jinx’s lightning gun. Turning on a heel he fired a single beam of hardlight from his gun at Jinx, but she moved like snake. The beam vaporized a hole in her lightning gun, but she gave chase without hesitation, giggling, as she pulled Fishbones over her shoulder.

Sighing through her nose, Morgana walked after Jinx as she gave chase to Lucian into the trees, but an intense feeling of dread came over her. Instinctively, she turned and blanketed her surroundings in a pool of dark energy. Adrenaline flooded her veins. The bladeswoman that came at her was unhindered. With a glistening sheen, her sword was aimed straight for her throat as she propelled herself forward. The blade whistled as she shot through the air. Morgana pulled on her power to stop her, but in those fractions of a second, she realized she wouldn’t make it; then a snap and explosion, and her energy released from her hands desperately trying to keep the duelist away from her –Jinx’s explosive chompers. One had bitten into her leg and slowed her just enough for the blast to release in time. Morgana turned her anxiety of the near-miss into rage as Fiora tried to stand. The black roots wrapped around her and tightened their hold –suffocating her. Despite the snare’s power, she wouldn’t let her sword go. Taking care, Morgana shielded herself and approached as she drained the lifeforce from the grand duelist. The blood drained from her cheeks and the light slowly faded from her eyes. Even then she could sense the insatiable bloodlust –the sharpened focus she had to kill at the slightest oversight, but that was the oversight.

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In a flash of moonlight Morgana recognized her error. The crescent blade pierced her skin and cut through her body so she could see it. There were two killers. Absent-mindedly holding the blade, she gasped for a breath that couldn’t be had, but she couldn’t drop her knees. The moonlight assassin raised her into air and Morgana gazed upon the clouds as Diana made it rain blood in a single crescent wave of bladed light.

The black roots turned to ash and Fiora had enough freedom to collapse. Diana hurried over to her.

“Are you alright? Can you fight?”

Barely able to take in a full breath or even see clearly Fiora nodded. “I can fight.”

Diana noticed her arms shaking as she hunched over on all fours.

“Come on.” Diana kneeled down and helped her up, no sooner had they stood than the ground shook and threw them off-balance, the wave knocked them over as a colossal second wave of uprooted deep rock and earthen metal rippled toward them at frightening speed. Diana reached for Fiora’s hand and they huddled together in a scrape for what little time they had to react. Moments before the wave hit, a giant rushed past them and laid down a wall of ice. They couldn’t even hear the impact as the earth uprooted itself and threw itself all around them. The weight of the Ice Witch’s door and her deadly ice shielded them all as Braum held it steady against the convulsion of nature. Uprooted, the ground and river caved into itself and a titan leapt from it at mind-boggling speed. Unmoved, Braum blasted the creature’s foot with burning ice followed by a chilling roar that shook them to their bones; following up on Braum’s blast, the dragonborn ran at the titan head-on and leapt pushing him back in a brilliant strike of explosive fire.

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As Malphite and Shyvana shook the Rift with their coming to blows, Braum turned to Diana and Fiora.

“Are you alright!?”


Diana nodded.

With that, Braum rushed after Shyvana without another word. Diana looked down-river at the fight taking place and paused before turning to Fiora.

“I’m going to find Lucian. I’ll be back.”

Fiora nodded and stood as Diana rushed into the jungle. Fiora took a few steps and realized how badly she was hurt. Her ankle had been deeply cut into and the explosion burned her skin beyond convenient healing. The pain of it was only somewhat numbed by the worse damage Morgana had inflicted. It was as if her body only sustained its form by the pressure of adrenaline and cortisone pumping through it. Her vision was dark if not blurred by tears of pain. Her numbed senses dulled the pain of her broken ribs enough breathe. Of course, Diana and Braum didn’t know that, but she wasn’t going to let them die because of her. She wouldn’t disgrace her name being defended by others, but she would fall prey to hunters.

“Did you do this?” The voice was deep, harsh, and murderous; chilling like a demon’s. Turning, Fiora stood off with the gladiator; nothing of his face could be seen beneath the shadow of his helmet but the murderous glint in his eyes. He was kneeling over what was left of Morgana’s body.

“And if I did?”

The gladiator stood. “Then you will know the pain and fear of death!” He marched forward, but Fiora could sense no opening. His pace did not vary. Readying her sword she took in a deep breath and quieted her mind. Reflexively, she parried his spear, but wasn’t sharp enough to stop or avoid his shield. Her head ringing and world shaking, she deftly parried a second spear attack, but was too slow trying to react to the shield. Her sight went blank for an instant and she felt her body being skewered and flushed of blood as she fell to the ground unable to move. Everything wobbled, nothing was clear, and the pain slowly crept up all over as the blood from his spear dripped onto her face. The demon gazed at her and her rapier for long while.

“You didn’t kill her.”

She could feel every moment as she saw the spear pierce her skin and cut straight through her heart. The final jerk and cut almost didn’t even mean anything. Convulsing and coughing up blood, she was dead before Pantheon even pulled out his spear.

Diana ran as fast as she could following the sound of bullets and laughter. As she entered a clearing, she could see the fight with Malphite moving towards them. She had to find Lucian before they got the drop on him, but the smell of roses distracted her. Swinging her blade before she even had sights on her, Diana severed a golden chain from The Deceiver, but she was already in front of Diana. With ease, Diana cut her down and LeBlanc’s wayward bolt fired into the canopy. The body turned to mist at her feet as her laughter rang all around her. Diana stood calm as more of the shadows appeared and ran circles around her. As they fired magic bolts, Diana shielded herself with moonlight –magic spheres winding around the barrier; and thrusting her blade into the ground, all of the shadows flew at her like ragdolls to be vaporized by the barrier’s light. As LeBlanc rushed in from behind, Diana turned with her blade already charged; a crescent wave of light radiated from it cutting her in-half, but even it was a shadow, even still, the real LeBlanc behind her wasn’t. The blast cut through her collarbone. LeBlanc lost consciousness before her body even hit the ground. But as Diana neared, she felt completely cut off from her magic power. Another shadow had grabbed onto her from behind and tried to hold her until the real LeBlanc could recover.

Diana laughed. “You think you could stop me even without magic?” Diana thrust her hip out and delivered a crushing blow the shadow’s kidney, with no armor, her ribs caved in as well. Without any tact, Diana overpowered her and flipped her over her shoulder and cut her down with a single strike. The light returned to her blade as she approached the unconscious LeBlanc on the ground. Pulling her blade around her throat, she put her foot to the back of her head before feeling her thigh muscles torn through and the nerve-racking pain that came with it. The sweep of bullets continued to mutilate trees and didn’t focus her again, but she crawled over to a nearby tree and took refuge behind it.

“You alright Diana!?” It was Lucian. He no doubt saved her, but it would be hard to deal with Malphite with her legs shot. Even numbing the pain wouldn’t overcome the crippling effect they would have. Because of her armor, the bullets didn’t pass through. The shrapnel knifed at her nerves. The motor effects aside, she still gulped down half a flask of painkiller.


“I’m fine! We have to get moving! Shyvana and Braum are fighting Malphite!” Diana stood and tried to gather her surroundings before leaving her cover. Tree bark hit her face as she pulled back and leapt to the nearest tree on the opposite side; flinging her sword around as she slid, a crescent wave cut through the trees and cut into Jinx’s calf. Lucian fired, but a cut of earth spiraled upward walling her off from them. The ground cut itself and checkered as the terrain shuffled itself in seconds. Jinx rode her spire into the sky raining bullets on them with incoherent taunts; but she was still marked, and that moonlight called.

Diana rode that moonlight as a wayward spire undercut her and Jinx leapt over the top of the new mountainous wall. Lucian gave swift chase, undeterred. Grasping at the spire that knocked the wind out of her, she found her balance on it and ducked as Malphite flew over the wall and landed on his back. Diana shoved her blade into the spire to avoid falling from the force of his flight and landing. Pulling herself up, she leapt after Lucian.

The pain had gone, but her leg movement felt sluggish. She adjusted best she could and tried to keep up. As Diana reached the top of the wall the Rift shook once more with massive concussive power and she wasn’t able to gain her footing. Balancing with her blade she slid down the muddy wall without getting sight on Lucian or Jinx. Pausing to listen she heard rubble from a nearby rock formation above her, but by the time she turned, the spear had already shattered her knee and cut through flesh and ligament. Doubled over, she lost all the air in her lungs to scream. She heard the whoosh of a heavy flapping fabric and the heavy jangle of metal and leather. As Pantheon pulled the spear from what was left of her knee, the air came in only to touch her lungs for a scream. The blade cut into her heart moments later and was skewered with a jerk. Pantheon gazed at her longer than he normally would have, but there was no doubt in his mind that she was Morgana’s killer.

“We’ll bake gingerbread in Hell, Morgana.”

Pantheon rushed into the jungle without another thought.

Beyond the wall, Shyvana and Braum fought. She leapt from his shield as he charged forward. Malphite hammering down on him and Braum heaving to hold up the weight of the blows. Shyvana fell from the sky with a whip-like hammer of her legs atop his head etching fire into his earthen skull. Steadying himself with his right hand, he battered her away with his left, Braum froze his right to the ground as Shyvana halted her flight smashing her arm through the nearest tree. As she landed, she caught it before it fell in a deep breath of draconic flame. It barreled Malphite down like a missile, but he rose again seemingly unfazed.

“I would normally come up with a joke at this point, but this is one sturdy rock.” Braum was impressed, but also unsure of how to proceed. Shyvana was the powerhouse and he was the wall. Even still, Malphite didn’t seem to wear down as easily as expected. He just had to think harder.

Shyvana shook off her gauntlets. The fractures widened and they split before she even undid the strapping. She pulled off her helm and tossed it aside, cracking as it hit the ground. Her head felt lighter, her body felt lighter and it was a little easier to breathe. Her blood boiled and she took a deep breath as a light breeze passed through. Malphite was approaching them slowly, perhaps even hesitantly, but she felt no doubt. The titan was her prey and she made that clear in the way she looked on him.

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Malphite stared down at the blue-haired woman as flames radiated from her in hellish waves. Her gaze made him uneasy. It was confusing. He was supposed to step on her, but she looked at him as though he were the prey. Before he lost himself in thought, Pantheon’s words rang in his mind, “Do not think on the battlefield; feel and make your mark with blood as your canvas!”

“Okay.” The giant grumbled, but too slow, he punched at her, but didn’t crush her; she was already at his shoulder blasting his face with fire. Malphite shook her off just in time to avoid one of her physical attacks. The near-miss sharpened his focus and he ran after her as she jumped away.

As a mass of the dark ice came at him from behind, Malphite jumped, but instead of crushing the ice, the ice spread all over the terrain and he slid as the blue-haired woman leapt onto his chest and ran for his face. Tumbling over, she fell under, but she caught her footing before Malphite could catch her. Braum rushed up to her and held up his shield as she climbed onto it. Regaining his balance, Malphite stood and spread out his arms; he wouldn’t let them run circles around him anymore. When he was sure he had them and brought down both of his fists, Shyvana leapt off Braum’s shield, the launch pushed him back –away from Malphite’s ice-shattering strike, and herself into his face, but he caught her still, with his teeth. Were it not for the insufferable flames that burst in, he would’ve clamped down on her, but he staggered, falling to a knee. Before Shyvana could upright herself to land, Malphite swung at her and battered her upward into the clouds.

“Shyv?” Braum anchored his shield in the ground and looked upward; she’d disappeared.

“Finally… scary lady gone.” The titan rumbled. The sounds coming from his mouth appeared to be heaving. He stood and looked upon Braum. Braum readied his shield ready to fight, but a thundering roar interrupted their standoff. The clouds turned black and it rained fire as another roar shook the ground like Malphite’s quakes. Wrapped in that brimstone a dragon dove from the clouds like a jet aimed at Malphite; the impact lifted him, her wings carried them, and her breath blasted him, with chunks of his chest, away.

Her voice radiated like something physical in the air. “Hold him.”

Braum smiled. “Leave it to Braum!”

Shyvana circled around and barreled into the titan again, but he caught her by the wings and wrestled her down. Their grappling tore through the jungle and destroyed the landscape as massive blasts of fires spiraled out of control melting stone, and rock shifted in waves and crystallized upon contact with that fire. Braum tunneled through the mountains of earth without delay and bounded forward with a smile on his face like a man high on the air he breathed. The dragon and the titan rolled, tumbled, tackled, bit, clawed, and thrashed at each other as he charged in fearlessly. With another blast of the Ice Witch’s ice it stalled Malphite long enough for Shyvana to take flight.

Pulling himself free of the ice, Malphite turned to Braum and looked to Shyvana, but found her nowhere to be seen. Then his foot moved, looking down, the bald man had lifted his foot from under him. Just before blasting his other foot with the accursed ice, Malphite jumped off from him and paused as the man only took a deep sigh and raised his shield once more. Malphite marched forward wary of the superman and his scary partner and uprooted a tree to swing down at him. The tree shattered like thin ice on contact with his shield. Following up, Malphite rushed in with a punch, but the man abandoned his shield and met his strength head-on. Malphite followed with his left and the man followed with his right. They rooted themselves into the ground and tried to overpower each other.

“It’s not the strength that makes the man,” Malphite could see a column of brimstone spiral downward from the sky, “it’s the heart!” Braum pushed him back and Malphite slid inches as his shoulders were pushed back. Before Malphite could react, the dragon impacted and he had no time to respond before her flames blasted in his teeth and tunneled out his mouth. Shyvana heated it and made it glow with a furious light as she proceeded to smelt the titan’s skull into the ground.

“Well done!” Braum said happily.

Shyvana climbed off the titan and lowered her head. “Climb on, we’ve wasted a lot of time on this one.”

Lucian walked, alert, as Jinx disappeared after climbing over the wall. Diana’s attack no doubt hurt her. Her blood trail made her easy to track for a time, but the trail had run cold. The sun had already set and it felt more like he was in the Shadow Isles than Summoner’s Rift. There was something desolate and barren about the place as he sifted through the trees, even something about the way the moonlight shone through the canopy didn’t sit right with him. As he continued, he caught the faint sound of running water. It had to be the western part of the river Malphite hadn’t ruined.

Stepping carefully to the last tree before the river clearing he looked around before immediately dashing away from a blast of light. He saw it in hindsight, it was a magic blast, but he was baited, a hail of bullets came at him from the opposite treeline. He rushed into nearby bushes as the line of bullets cut through the terrain.

Cursing her not having the lightning gun, Jinx stepped out of the treeline for a closer look. The grass and bushes were destroyed, but there was no body. Less than amused, she paced along the river looking for any trace of him.

“Arggghhhh! Why won’t you die already!?” She had no time to react as the barrel touched the back of her head, but LeBlanc did. Pulling the trigger where she couldn’t dodge, his hardlight blast went awry and Jinx dashed away too quickly to hit with his other gun, focusing on the chain wrapped around his arm it took only a second to size up the weakling who stopped him. She was hunched over and out of breath, ready to tip over with a stiff wind.

“Just die already!” Jinx shouted.

There was no cover. Lucian dashed toward the mage and pulled on the chain and she met him halfway; dragging her up with almost no time to spare Jinx’s bullets ripped through her body as he charged forward, some of them passing through, but he powered forward. Switching to Fishbones, she fired a rocket. Even her teammate couldn’t shield him from that, but he moved as fast as light. She didn’t see it until the smoke spiraled out after him and a beam of light burned through her chest. Reaching for one of her chompers with what energy she had left, Lucian cut her off, pinning her wrist to the ground with his boot and putting one final round into her skull.

Not letting down his guard he looked around before examining his wounds. It wasn’t anything life-threatening as long as he stopped the bleeding. Walking over to LeBlanc’s corpse, he ripped her cape into ribbons, partially thanks to the holes it was already filled with, and wrapped his wounds tight before moving forward. Above, he could see a dragon. Instinctively, he raised his guns, but realized this dragon only had five limbs instead of seven. It wasn’t the Rift’s dragon, it was his dragon –Shyvana. He lowered his weapons and waved her down. She saw him and turned, but the blast happened so suddenly Lucian couldn’t track it the instant it happened.

A lightning bolt, it seemed, hit her from above. This flash was not only powerful, but had force behind it –pushing force to ground her as fast as the light traveled. Braum fell hard into the river as Pantheon stood upright and pulled out his gladius turning to Lucian. His spear stuck out of the river like a grave marker.

“Braum, get up, Shyvana’s down there.” Lucian opened fire. Braum stumbled over to Shyvana before he got a sense of what happened. The world was still spinning from the impact of his landing. He slid into a crater beneath the water and held his breath feeling around until his vision steadied. Feeling the spear, he followed the shaft down to Shyvana’s skin. Trying to forcefully steady his sight, he pulled the spear out of her body and carried her ashore before immediately trying to pump the water out of her lungs.

“Come on Shyv, breathe!” Breathing air in and pushing water out, she finally choked up the river water and gasped for air, but the blood loss had put her out of sorts. Looking down at her chest, the blade missed her heart not even by an inch. Pulling up and biting down on her hair, she wrapped her fingers in flame and pressed them into the wound to stop the bleeding.

Grasping at Braum’s shoulder with an exasperated moan, she pulled herself up and stumbled as she marched toward the fight, Braum stopped her and unlocked one of his summoner runes. His thorn mail fell from a runic portal into his hand. He gave it to her.

“You need that.”

“Don’t you worry about me. All your enchantments are offensive, yes? Take it.” Braum smiled beneath his wet mustache and hurried off picking up his shield as he went. Shyvana donned the oversized mail and took a crystalline flask from Jinx’s corpse downing the whole of it. One man wouldn’t pose much of a threat to the three of them.

Lucian fired, Pantheon parried and responded with a stab from his gladius, Lucian parried it with the barrel of his other gun. The dance continued as they waltzed themselves to the edge of a lake. Their pace quickened, but Pantheon was controlling the pace. Lucian couldn’t break it or disengage. Blow for blow, parry for parry, each moved on the edge of life and death, but Pantheon’s pace quickened before Lucian could react, and bursting, Pantheon blocked Lucian’s gunfire and stabbed him in the thigh in a single movement. Lucian had no time to respond. Pantheon leapt with shield raised, but gladius pointed down and came down on him, but a blast of ice forced him into the lake before he made contact.

“You alright, friend?” Braum held out a hand and helped Lucian up.

“I’ve been better. Thanks.”

Braum’s response was cut short. Pantheon was already standing –his eyes glowing. He rushed at them kicking up the water as he ran. Lucian fired as Pantheon blocked, Braum stepped in between them as Pantheon jumped, but he vaulted over them and caught his spear floating down river before throwing it at Lucian with perfect precision. Shyvana saw Pantheon reach for it as she approached and tried to catch it, but she missed; Lucian’s steady shot missed as well because of his unsteady frame. The spear took him through the heart and into Braum’s arms.

Fury welling up inside of her, Shyvana turned to Pantheon as the ground shook and chill traveled down her spine. She picked up a scent that gave her goosebumps and cold sweat. The rumbling was far deeper than any sound Malphite made with his terraforming. It came from below. Even Pantheon felt his skin crawl as the ground and riverbed vibrated with the foreboding movement beneath them. Braum paused and let his friend go before approaching Shyvana as the jungle fell silent.

Giant snakes burst out from the bedrock and forced them into the air as each tried to swallow them whole. Braum pulled at the jaws of the faceless serpent before it flung Shyvana at him. Her fire breath intended for the serpent’s insides sprayed into the canopy. Pantheon was able to jump out of the serpent that caught him, but could only hold up his shield to the other two that smashed him into the riverbed before he reached the ground. Scrambling to get up, the three gathered as Braum froze the base of one of the serpents’ bodies and Pantheon stabbed at it as Shyvana held back the other two with her fire breath, but the ground tipped upward and they were all washed into the river by the wave as a leviathan dwarfing Malphite burst from the lake’s surface. As it roared at them the smell of a thousand corpses settled in the Rift and sat as the monster approached.

Pantheon ran at the monster sheathing his gladius and pulling his spear from Lucian’s body as it trailed across the water. With unimaginable speed and snakelike swiftness, the leviathan, The Baron Nashor, opened its massive jaws and swept across the lake toward him. The demon charged into the beast’s great maw without hesitation with a furious war cry.

Shyvana and Braum had no time to react as the smaller serpents juggled them and smashed them into the ground before they could react. As Nashor, himself, came upon Braum and clamped down, he held up his shield and struggled to keep the saint beast’s jaw from crushing him. Shyvana skidded across the river’s surface unable to move as another serpent smashed her into the ground. Their gums were all bleeding from the thorn mail; they couldn’t clamp down, but Braum was about to die. Shyvana ran. The serpents outpaced her by miles as they wrapped around like tendrils. Surrounding herself in flame, she vaulted over the first and spit flame into the second as she ran alongside it. The third caught her out of step and drilled downward burying itself in the ground. Shyvana was nowhere to be seen.

“No….” Braum gritted his teeth as the monster’s saliva burned away his boots and slowly scalded his skin. He’d been forcing The Witch’s ice into the roof of its mouth all the while as it shook him around trying to dislodge him and swallow.

“You should feel privileged to die at my feet!”

The voice echoed deep from within the belly of the beast. It convulsed and shook. The serpents around him tried to batter Braum inward, but one acted strangely; it contorted and twisted. Banging itself against the rock formations and ground in a mad craze it whipped in circles as it absent-mindedly struck the two battering Braum down.

Braum could hear laughter from within the beast’s stomach. Pantheon was alive somehow. If he could do it, so could Braum. The crazed serpent stopped whipping about as he took heart. The Baron swam –dashed for the lake as it tried to pummel Braum down with its three limbs. Taking an arm off his shield and ready to beat them back with his fist or even his brow if he had to, Pantheon came charging upward from the monster’s throat and dove into the foremost’s mouth impaling it from the inside. He leapt to the other cutting all down its spine as he fell into the lake. From behind as Nashor submerged, Braum saw something massive. He held his breath and the water flooded in. The acid dissipated a bit and Braum fell back into Nashor’s throat, but it was all short-lived. Nashor threw himself upward and the water drained into his stomach as Braum caught hold of warm scaly skin. There was a dragon.

Crawling upward, Braum held on tightly as the dragon blowtorched the roof of the baron’s mouth. As the shaking slowed, his scaly friend climbed into Nashor’s and blasted its teeth out with the grandest display of dragon breath he’d ever seen. With precious moments, the dragon dove out of its mouth and Braum held on for dear life with it. An electric-blue mane of hair wafted in his face as they circled above the lake.

“Sorry about the thorn mail.”

“Hah! Shyvana, friend, I am so glad to see you!” In tears, he hugged her tightly.

“Now’s not the time to celebrate. We still have the beast to kill.”

One of the serpent limbs had been completely maimed. One was injured and the other was operating normally. Shyvana picked up speed and dove between them as Braum fired his ice. Circling around, Shyvana barreled to avoid getting snared; Braum managed to hold on as Shyvana pulled up and out. Pantheon rushed the serpent before it turned and drew his gladius on it running along as it pushed opposite. The damage had already been done before it knew to pull away. Nashor snapped at the sky as Shyvana evaded him. Pantheon strapped his shield to his back and ran for the main body vaulting over the limb that tried to bite him in-half. Using the front of his spear and his gladius he lodged himself on Nashor’s back as it tumbled in the lake to get him off. Shyvana took the chance to dive at the last limb biting down hard on its body and blasting it out with fire.

Steadily, Pantheon made his way to Nashor’s crown where he cut it down and planted his spear into its skull. Using his lodged gladius for balance as it tumbled in the lake, he pulled back the spear and drove it in deep once more. Holding his breath still, he did it again and again until Nashor burst out of the lake and into the surrounding cliffs.

Pantheon leapt off at the treeline as the baron reeled from its mad defense, but as it turned to retreat, Pantheon leapt, both hands on his spear, over the lake from the cliff and downing his weapon into the beast’s head as it fell hundreds of feet to the lake below.

As Shyvana resumed her human form and took refuge on the edge of the cliff with Braum she could feel the air warping into a well in the lake below. As the mist cleared, Pantheon stood atop Nashor’s floating corpse as a purple magical mist flooded into him from every edge of the lake. Once it dissipated, the air pressure shifted and the air itself was blown back staggering even Braum.

“I have a bad feeling about this.”

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Shyvana looked at Braum, mildly stunned. She never expected him to say that, but looking down as Pantheon, there could be no question. Something had changed. Pantheon wasn’t human anymore.

He could feel the power brimming to even his fingertips. His breath felt extra refreshing. His muscles extra strong, his frame sturdier, his senses sharper, his response time –incredible. He felt exhilarated. The power had exalted him. All that was left to do was to use that newfound power.

With a single leap, he closed the distance between them. Shyvana leapt with him and flipped to add extra power to the kick she hammered him down with. Pantheon blocked it with his forearm; on impact, the explosion sent him flying like a bullet for the center of the lake. As he landed, the water spread out into walls around him as he sprung from the dry lakebed into the clouds.

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Both Shyvana and Braum turned to run, but he landed ahead of them, his landing, blowing them back. Catching him off-balance, Pantheon flung his spear at Braum. As it hit his shield it carried him across the lake with the force of Baron Nashor. He rushed Shyvana with his gladius, Shyvana couldn’t wrestle him down, instead, she was driven into the ground and drilled across the bedrock. Focusing all of her strength on holding back his sword-hand she took a blow to the face and a headbutt that rattled her frame. She felt the blade touch her skin and held her breath desperately trying to hold it in place. She turned on her side to angle him, he didn’t move much, but she freed her leg to kick off his face as she wrapped herself in flames and bounded back into him blasting him through a tree. Pantheon seemed unfazed. He stood as Shyvana charged relentlessly and pulled off his ragged cape and what was left of his breastplate. He took the next hit as she forced him through another tree by the head, but his hand reached out for hers as he stopped her force turning on a heel and applying his own smashing her into a nearby rock formation. Stumbling, she could only catch his hand as he tried to stab her –the blade grazing her side, she grabbed him by the arm and swung him around and into the lake where she leapt after him.

Braum was already running from the shallows to reach them. Shyvana passed Pantheon after diving in to meet with him. The next blow came from out of the water like the serpents. His shield blasted Shyvana into the nearby rocks like a bombshell. As Braum hindered his pursuit, Pantheon followed with a precise blow of his blade’s tip to Braum’s shield. The blow thundered and forced Braum to his knees as Pantheon followed with his shield. Off-footing, Pantheon ran him across the river into the treeline. Abandoning defense, Braum cast his shield aside and delivered an earth shattering blow to Pantheon’s shield, but even as the river shot back in waves, Pantheon pressed on. Braum leapt back avoiding a fatal blow, but the blade pierced his skin. Locking arms with each other, they smashed their heads together in unison. In that, they went even, but Pantheon anchored Braum’s foot to the ground with his own as he shook free of him and stabbed him in the shin. Even Braum buckled at the blade’s severing of his bones. Wasting no time, Pantheon followed with a shield bash to his head, knocking him down, but a blast of fire blew him away before he could kill the gentle giant. Quickly regaining his footing, he ran at Shyvana as fast as his legs would carry him.

Inhale air, exhale flame, over and over, to stop Pantheon, to slow him, anything. With his shield he powered on –bigger waves of flame. Pantheon abandoned his shield for Braum’s, lifting it as he ran. Shyvana mustered her grandest breath, but it was too late. As she blasted the door, it blew away in the blaze. Pantheon came down from above and nailed her to the riverbed.

Thrashing and unable to breathe, she felt something smooth at her back, scrambling to get up, out, away, she grasped at it and took hold of the trigger. As Pantheon jerked the blade downward Shyvana screamed and fired Lucian’s light gun into his lungs as fast she could for as long as her strength would allow. The jerking stopped and Pantheon’s weight lifted as the current carried him away. As her consciousness faded she felt the gladius being pulled from her body and a massive hand pull her up from the water. She choked out the water on her own this time.

“Friends look out for one-another, eh?”

Too tired to speak, Shyvana looked over his shoulder and made eye contact. She closed her eyes and nodded with a smile.