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Greetings Summoners!
I am currently writing a fan fiction about LeBlanc and how she became the Matron of the Black Rose. I hope you will take the time to look at it.

"Leblanc leaned heavily upon her staff as she wandered the underground passageways of the Black Rose. The secret organization had held control over the Noxian government long before the city-state's dark period of militarization. Its Matron had guided the Rose through much of it's existence, though after nearly one hundred and fifty years she was finally beginning to show her age. Despite using magic to put off the inevitable, she had known this time was coming but until now she had never put much thought into her plan. LeBlanc was dying, and it was time to appoint a new Matron to the Black Rose.

Her wanderings through the catacombs led her back to her home beneath the granite mountain upon which Noxus was constructed. She prepared herself a pot of tea while she thought about who she would choose to be her heir. She had no children, nor a lover to whom she could leave her fortune and legacy. Immediately a young apprentice named Evaine came to mind. She was the same age LeBlanc had been when she became the Matron. Evaine was also one of the most loyal people she had ever met. It was then, while drinking her afternoon tea, that she decided to whom she would give the ultimate honor in the Rose.

Once she finished her tea she summoned Evaine to her chambers to tell her of her spontaneous promotion."

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Fun to read, except some inconsistencies with the existing lore.

For example, the Matron's appearance is always the same through generations, it is determined by the staff she possesses ; thus the Matron shouldn't have "long silver hair", but the same appearance that Evaine's current known appearance.

Wishing for some continuation