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too much trash talk?

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Trash talk is in every competitive game. Can't expect League of Legends to be different, can you?

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"Verbal Abuse"

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Good post. Sadly most players are noobs who can't comprehend how Kill Stealing affects a game. How would you expect them to understand anything more complicated? Life is definitely more complicated then this game. I'm not saying this because I condone that type of behavior. We all have our moments, some take it further then others.

Honestly I think they just need to fix the ELO system, so you actually group with players of your quality every match regardless of queue times. I think that would fix a ton of these issues, or at least make them moot.

There will always be trolls, noobs and jerks. It's up to ourselves as individuals to not stoop to their levels and just work together anyways. I've had plenty of matches where I just wanted to hang back and have them die... But I didn't, I'd play my ass off to save them because I'd want the same for me if the roles were reversed. Sadly very few are mature enough to understand any of this. GG.

If all else fails there is the ignore button, which is my most favorite thing ever. Especially when you truth someone soo hard, they have to put you on there first. Thanks for doing what I was planning on doing anyways; thank you for doing it for me. Truth > Trolls (24/7)

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Death Crave

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Agreed to a point but the only time I would yell at anyone or tell them to go die in a fire, is if they are trolling me, in which case they do deserve to die in a fire.

No one should go out of their way to ruin your day, or your game.

Someone calling you a noob a few times should be expected, but if it is constant and to the point of irationally enraging others they deserve a ban.

If you back and forth trash talk however, then you get what you deserve, meaning the person who starts the trash talking always loses. You are allowed to say in response anything they have said to you without repercusions.

If someone is offending you its best to be the bigger man, say nothing and if all else fails mute them.
More power to you if you can have the Zen like approach.

I do my best to never call people anything, I simply say GG after I win, and even then thats rare.
In fact aside from calling Mia or calling out going for dragons, I rarely say anything.

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I don't get how some people can read something as impactful as the first post in this thread and then try to pose any form of argument against it.

Also, I like the fact that this is in the Twisted Treeline forum, I have noticed that there are far more trash talkers in Twisted Treeline than in Summoner's Rift and the Crystal Scar. I think people are getting sick of the imbalance of the map and other problems that it has and are taking it out on other people, although there is still no lack of haters in the other two.