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Best lv1 team comp

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Well this is most needed in counterjungling at lvl 1 I see. Here are some possiblities.

Ranged AD Carry: Caitlyn is AMAZING at lvl one with her Q. A carry like Tristana is just not good
this early.

Support: Alistar and Sona are pretty good whereas soraka or janna are mediocre.

Jungler: Nocturne is good because of his passive+Duskbringer. Fiddlesticks and his drain are also good. Rammus is poor at lvl 1 because his shield is all he has.

AP: Karthus is very good because of his lay waste. Brand is also very good, as well as Ahri. Lux may not be as strong because she needs to proc her passive on everyone which takes longer.

Solo top: Shen is just amazing because of passive+ Vorpal Blade. Nasus isn't that great. Pantheon isn't all that great either. Garen is amazing.

There's more, you just need to decide as a team whether or not to risk it.

Soraka's Q does way more than sona's Q at lvl1. Jannas Q is great for kiting and harrassing at lvl1. Caits traps are also really good at lvl1. It gives you vision, and helps you zone their jungle if they can't harrass at lvl1.

Lux isn't bad because she atleast gives vision, and she's good for kiting. Nasus isn't bad at lvl1 if you start with your E. It helps a lot if you have a team fight.