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Suggestion- 5v5 Solo and Duo Ques

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I would like to suggest change to the way current 5v5 Ranked Single and Duo ques function. In its current state people that afk during selection and do not actually have a connection issue ruin the game from the start. It is frustrating to join a que start the bans and selections to have one member of your team afk.

My suggestion is as follows:

1. Disable Random selection for Ranked Solo and Duo ques.
2. Keep the timer for selection and bans but if the summoner fails to make a pick in the alloted time he is automatically removed from the match and taken out of que.

The current format places people who are afk and not having a connection issue back in que if someone dodges and you can keep getting this person on your team time after time until you either dodge, drop que if possible after someone else dodges, or you play handicapped 4v5 match.

I believe these changes would not only benefit the Community as a whole but also reduce the amount of Reports you receive for people that afk in this manner.

Thanks for your Time