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[Guide]Desert Stormin' with Nasus - LONG

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Question for all Nassus players.. has anyone played with a Tiamat in build at all?

I know this may seem like a stupid suggestion.. why get an AOE weapon when you can already SF everything in one cast. Well honestly I am curious if the physical splash damage also procs lifesteal or SS stacks. I have been testing it in bot games, but tbh cant make up my mind if it works or not.

On-hit procs never work with splash damage. The effect will only work on the first target you attack.

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Thanks for the feedback and thumbs up.

@Penguin: Your point about wither early on makes sense, I'll defenitely try it. So is PhiloStone. I also take it with most of my champions. This time around, I chose to not take it, to get to Nashor quicker.

Armor Pen really rocks with Nasus, so last whisper is surely a great choice. The reason I chose not to take it is the following: With nashor and zerk greaves I have 55% increased attack speed, which is enough for him. In addition, Sheen/trinity force increases your base damage by 100/150% everytime you use an ability. So I thought. Hell, I cast an ability every 3secs with Nashor, so I need to hit hard each time. That's why I went InfEdge and Cleaver.

Another question now: How good are lifesteal items on him (compared to damage), since he has already got an innate lifesteal?

nasus my main as well and i basically agree with the damage build proposed by the op.
+damage is only viable up to mid game. it scales horribly late game. that's why i think bloodthirster, for example, is rubbish on nasus.

if you just use lifesteal to heal yourself with creeps, no additional lifesteal is needed. i do not find it particularly helpful for tanking and i can't see any use in a straight DPS build.

so i'd say additional lifesteal is useless unless you get stark's for team support which i personally find good at times. if a lot of 1on1 ganking is going on, life steal might give you the upper hand in conjunction with attack speed and wither. life steal + attack speed is ok, +damage sucks on nasus imho the longer the game lasts (as with any hero). for example, the +75 (cleaver) or +60 (bloodthirster) damage is nothing unless you get it really early. thought i agree that cleaver and last whisper are a good combination as for AR-pen, but nothing more.

on the contrary, this does not include sheen as it is a good mana and damage amplifier, especially early. anyway, i find myself getting sheen less and less the more i play nasus. i think mainly because i find every single point in AP a waste of gold for nasus. and if i do get it, i sell it mid game. don't get me wrong, it's good, but i rarely get it anymore thus also passing trinity force.

i found other viable ways to go for him, i love his versatility.

i never get +damage after mid game, i rarely get +lifesteal other than stark's for team support.

i often go this way:
chalice of harmony
mercury treads/ninja tabis

no particular order from this point: (MR, armor, dodge or whatever is needed)
frozen heart (or banshee's veil)
soul shroud (or sunfire cape)
stark's fervor (or guardian angel)
phantom dancer (or Aegies or force of nature)

one word to PD. dodge + crit + as is perfectly suited for nasus as a dps-tank. much better than any pure damage or lifesteal item.

it all really depends on how the game goes. i play him the nasty-tank-style. he can dish out quite a bit while being able to take loads of damage. staying in a battle longer means dishing out more damage without the need for +damage items that will be a waste late game anyway.

sigh, sorry...wall of senseless text it seems :/