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Any readers out here?

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If you are into scifi/fantasy-ish type of books, you can't NOT read Ender's Game. It's a young adult novel but is perfect for any age and perfect for scifi readers!

I also liked the Inheritance Cycle. If you don't mind middle grade novels, try Percy Jackson. It's a fun book, especially if you like Greek mythology.

Blobbz, The Hunger Games is a fantastic book! It's easy, quick, and simple, but a good story nonetheless.

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I just finished reading the Obsidian Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory and I can highly recommend that if you are a fan of high fantasy.

Before that was the Moirin Trilogy by Jacqueline Cary, which I can also recommend for people who enjoy fantasy(although this one went more into the courtly intrigue sub-genre).