Jurassic Kog’Maw Available Now!

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its a good skin but why isn't his abilites like his ult metors or shoot tarpit his e not black? how does bones shoot out acid... does not make sense riot change this...
riot likes to charge 2x for 3 minutes of extra work 1x for 5 minutes of work , imagine if they had to charge for 10 min's the skin would be well over 15 dollars per person

this a joke , but it SHOULD only take them a day(6 hours - same time it takes for a champion art spotlight, except the art here will require less work - which would get taken up by animating and implementation instead) for them to do skins and their animations as ALL you have to do is create wrappers (photos) for the models(the champs have the same model I.E. ashe's model regardless of the skin is the same) that's about it

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Fierce Skin