Can use keys to move map but must have edge scroll?

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I know this situation has been discussed a few times. I know that "true hardcore gamers" use edge scroll for LOL, but shouldn't there be an option to disable the edge scroll? I'm a moderate gamer, play just for the fun of it and personal hate the edge scroll. For me, it's just more comfortable with the WASD controls I've set up, and I've gone through plenty game with these controls. I know I'll never make the highly competitive tiers (and frankly don't care about playing competitively even if I could) and love the game. I feel like this option (to toggle edge scrolling off) should be given to the gamers and not forced upon them. I mean were are given the option to move the camera with the keys but not disable mouse control over the camera? Two control for the pure moment of one thing, common what kinda trolling is that XD.

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