My Udyr is not pro Udyr.

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Originally Posted by Thas Ninja View Post
Tiger is far from useless! It gives you some great DoT, a huge attack speed bonus, and it procs your passive. There is absolutely no reason to not use it, if only to get the 3x your AD active.
I'm pretty sure item effects only proc on the first hit, though. But yes, I agree, Tiger is excellent for damage.

Originally Posted by Ephemeralis View Post
Locket on every single build with Udyr, same deal with Rageblade. The two are absolutely vital to keeping Udyr alive and dealing damage - locket will let you stancedance without blue while giving you a chunk of mana and health plus extra staying power to your allies around you - rageblade will also be up constantly from the stance dancing.

Once you have rageblade and locket, grab a starks or a bloodthirster (I normally go for the BT since someone else usually grabs the starks) and a counter item to whatever dps your enemies are built for - wits end for casters, black cleaver for tanks/melee dps and so on.

I can't stress enough how much you need to stance dance. It is -VITAL- to success as Udyr - your passive's use relies on it and so does a huge chunk of your damage and almost all of your mitigation does too.
Rageblade seems like an interesting idea, but like I said in my original post, I only use Locket on Tank Udyr; Sheen is more efficient for DPS Udyr, imho.

On a side note, thanks for the tips, guys, I've been feeding less and doing more