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Malphite as solo Top/Jungle Bruiser at any level of play, your thoughts?

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Hey since its free to play Malphite week I've played him a few times and I have to say I am relatively impressed with him.

Last time I played him when he was free to play I just went straight tank with him but now I'm trying him out as a bruiser at solo top or jungle.

Don't really have a dedicated jungling runeset but use
Flat Hp quints
Flat Armour yellows
AD reds
Per level MR blues (tank him up more)
0/21/9 masteries

Not the optimal runes but its working out well for me.

I use the standard wolves/blue/wraiths/wolves/red/wraiths route and start with regrowth and a pot. My sustain in jungle is amazing I don't drop below 50% hp at any point and get good clear times. Early ganking is a little weak though.

Build (haven't gotten full build yet as it's pricey):
Cooldown Boots
Aegis (if no one else gets it)
Frozen Mallet
Something with MR

I'll build it in the order that suits the game and I get a philo stone early and sell it later.

I haven't solo topped with him yet.

So guys how viable is Malphite as a bruiser/offtank who jungles or solotops? Is their anyone he counters hard or who counters him hard in jungle or lane? What build would you recommend?

TL;DR- Malphite bruiser/offtank solo top/jungle = win?

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I've played him and seen him played in both those roles before. I personally don't like the Mallet on him since his Q is adequate for slowing. Yes he can be quite viable top as well as in the jungle. In lane he can excel against harass based champs because of his passive and against AD based champs since you gain damage from building armor. I've seen malphite wreck a few garens because of those two things alone. His jungle is pretty easy like you mentioned, but aside from your Q his ganks leave a bit to be desired until you hit level six. Overall id say mal is a great addition to a team by offering good initiation and being able to take a lot of punishment before going down. His viability only gets better the more dps champs they have on the enemy team

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Ive also been enjoying him. He makes a great fight against auto attack heavy people like nocturne or fiora. Also Bella strong in terms of jungle clearing.