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The Shadow Isle -- many believed they knew everything there was to learn about this dark and gloomy paradise. Many believed that monsters like Hecarim, like Thresh, like Mordekaiser, Yorick, and Elise were all the Shadow Isle had to offer. The fact that many people did not realize, however, was that the Shadow Isle was unconstrained by everything Runeterra stood for. Life, death, and the cycle -- none of it meant a thing there. Bizarre, twisted miscreations lurked beyond the shores of the Shadow Isle, all through the forests and over the silhouetted hills. No one has seen what true horrors deep within that lonely scape of nightmares.

Not until today.

Like the monsters that preceded her, Elgra came to the League of Legends on a mysterious quest. She appeared in the form of a twelve-foot-tall cloak of undeath, a hood covered a face that did not exist, a grey robe with empty sleeves, and a hem vacant of legs. She was nothing more than that. And yet, Elgra was everything all at once. When Elgra drew her hood back, she would look at you with your own face. When Elgra spoke, she would speak to you with your own voice. When Elgra fought, she could fight you with your own power and weapons. Elgra whispered things into your mind, things you hoped you'd never hear. She knew who you loved, who you hated, and who you'd die for. She knew it all. And she'd use it against you.

Some believed Elgra was the lost soul of an insane magi, like Karthus. But when she heard that name, she only shook her hooded head and let out a wicked, spine-tingling laugh. Elgra was no lich. She was never a magi.

She was a banshee.

Elgra's mission became clear the moment her soul-chilling gaze fell upon Hecarim. Between Hecarim and the rest of the Champions, Elgra uttered a simple saying that marked her alignment right then and there.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend..."