The Fall of Valoran

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Ouroborous HD

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4 Weeks Ago

As I promised I am returning with my fanfic, hopefully to finish it this time around. Enjoy reading and remember to leave comments about your thoughts.

Chapter 1:

In a side street of Noxus:

The citizens meandered through their daily lives, simply trying to rake out a living in the miserable existence that had become Noxus. Since the closing of the Institute of War eight months previous the tensions between Noxus and Demacia had once again escalated to the breaking point. Amid the citizens shufflings and movements came a shadow from the direction of the city-state's center. One merchant took notice and immediately moved away while mumbling, "Greetings General Swain and how are you doing tonight?"

"Instead of asking why don't you work harder to be less of a mumbling worm, or better yet simply go throw yourself into a ditch."

Pushing the merchant roughly aside General Swain strode into a local pub, surprising its regulars and quelling the rare merry mood.

"Ahh... welcome General Swain and how may I help you tonight?" came the bartender's voice.

"A private room in the back and a bottle of brandy," came the gruff response

General Swain made his way to the back of the room and poured himself a glass of brandy, sat back in his chair, and waited. Twenty minutes later a cold shift occurred in the air and a shadow appeared in the corner of the room.

"Good evening Deceiver," came Swain's swift response.

"What is it you want Swain? I am particularly occupied tonight and was hoping not to have to see you."

"Demacia has requested a temporary truce to see if we can get through this crisis diplomatically. Their idea is to have diplomats from our respective states meet in a neutral area so as to ease any violent tensions."

"That cannot be the limit to what they want or you would not have contacted me so urgently."

"Correct, King Jarvan has proposed for the sake of peace that a neutral city-state be created in between Demacia and Noxus and that the residents as well as the leaders be peasants from Noxus and Demacia."

"A short pause pervaded the air before LeBlanc replied, "This is indeed troubling if it goes through. However, what makes you think this is actually a threat?"

"It is not the people themselves who are a threat, but what the new city-state would represent. We would be unable to proceed with our plans if the people believe that permanent peace is possible between Demacia and ourselves."

"Speak plainly Swain, what is it you want from me?"

"I simply want you to be yourself and make sure that this neutral party does not succeed."

"Very well, and just out of curiosity where is Beatrice," she added with a smirk.

With a dark look on his face he replied, "You know that I no longer take Beatrice out with me unless there is battle. Besides I have hired another shadow to keep watch wherever I go, isn't that right Shaco."

"If you say so General," came a disembodied voice cackling with insanity while at the same time making the title sound insignificant."

In the Du Couteau home three days later:

A clash of swords could be heard throughout the mansion as the servants went about their business. Those who stood guard in the mansion rushed to the training ground where they witnessed the daily sparring, a man wearing a thick training vest, which was sewn up at the arm on the left side to cover the wound from where his arm was, trousers, and a double edged arm blade; and a woman, their master, in her customary armored breastplate and tight fitting leather trousers with several knife riggings. Though on the surface they rooted for their master, they secretly wished that Talon would give her a grievous wound to knock her down a notch. As skilled as Talon was he was not able to defeat Katarina but he still put on a good show, especially since he could only fight with one arm after losing his left to the Might of Demacia three months ago.

"Not bad Talon but you will have to do better or you will be on the streets on no time."

Gritting his teeth in response to the phantom pain in his left side Talon responded with several daggers and followed up with a low cut from his new double edged arm blade.

"Very good. Maybe losing your arm was good for you."

Instantly Talon vanished and appeared with his blade around Katarina's neck.

"Then maybe you should thank Garen next time you spend the night with him."

Smirking she replied, "Looks like the guard dog has some new tricks. When were you going to use the retracting blades hidden in your boots?"

"I'm saving those for my rematch with Garen."

"Well it would be a shame to ruin the surprise for him, but I wouldn't want to miss the look on his face," after finishing her sentence she in turn vanished as she dropped onto a nearby training dummy.

"Shall we continue little guard dog?"

Their sparring continued long into the morning until Katarina went off to attend to political matters with General Swain.

As Katarina left a couple guards came over to Talon.

One random guard made a grave mistake by asking, "Sir why haven't you tried getting closer to Lady Katarina?"

The other two guards had just enough time to look at their colleague with fear on their face before they saw his head roll on to the floor.

"Remember this fools, before anything I am a servant of the Du Couteau family and until I find and defeat General Du Couteau I will remain as such. Now begone before you join your friend there."

Two months later in the Noxian High Council chambers:

"This is unacceptable," came Swain's raspy voice, "this neutral city-state has had record reports of violence outbreaks between Demacians and Noxians and yet everyone here with the exception of Lady Katarina and myself believes we should devote more resources to this disaster."

"What you need to understand General Swain is that this is a long term investment that could give us lasting peace with which we could use.

"I call for a vote to determine whether we should continue giving our support for the neutral city-state. All in favor of continuing our support raise your hand."

The six other members of the High Council raised their hands and as they lowered them the man across from Swain suddenly grabbed at his throat and fell to the ground choking. As the council member fell to the ground the other six stood up and with the exception of Katarina each one fell over grasping at their throats and choking for air.

"When did you set this up General?"
“Long before the meeting was set, all that was needed was the identities of our detractors.”

"So what will we do now that it is just the two of us?"

"First we crush Demacia and its allies once and for all."

To Be Continued

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The Red Warden

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4 Weeks Ago

It doesn't feel any different than the last version.

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Ouroborous HD

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4 Weeks Ago

that is because the first chapter isn't all that different from last time with the exception of a couple minor things in the text. the reason I needed time was so I could go through every chapter I had written and make changes where I thought they needed them. so while some may seem drastically different most of the first few chapters have remained much the same.

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3 Weeks Ago


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Ouroborous HD

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3 Weeks Ago

apologies for being late on this weeks release but finals are swiftly approaching to kick us all in the bum. normally I would shut up and show you a picture of a monkey as compensation but due to being as technically advanced as the wooden table in front of me there will be no monkey for you to laugh at srry. instead enjoy the new(old) chapter.

Chapter 2

Two months after the takeover of Noxus

A small squad of soldiers moved through the field that separated their camp from their target, their light gray armor making them practically invisible as they surrounded the Demacian supply depot. Moving to the edge of the field was their commanding officer, a large rat clothed in rags that were stained more than the meanest beggar in Noxus, and holding a small crossbow in his right paw.

"Make sure everyone is in position lieutenant," came Twitch's squeaky voice.

As his lieutenant made his rounds Twitch vanished into the shadows and strode into the center of supply depot searching for the best breach point. As he strode through the camp he made sure to tap each Demacian soldier with the tip of one of his bolts, infecting them with his patented Deadly Venom. His lieutenant gave him the signal that they were ready and he turned and scored a bolt right between the perimeter soldier's eyes. As the soldier dropped dead the rest of the Noxian soldiers swarmed the depot, taking advantage of the Demacians confusion to cut them down.

"Commander Twitch, all forces have been disposed of."

"Very good lieutenant, now have two of your men bring the wagons."

Before his soldiers could move they dropped to the ground like stones. Glancing over them the surrounding soldiers saw an arrow made of pure ice in each of them. The next second five more soldiers dropped as the rest moved into cover. Twitch on the other hand once again vanished into the shadows.

"Lieutenant, have your men stay in cover," he whispered.

Raising his voice he called, "Come out Ashe. I know you are here."

As he finished his taunt an arrow embedded itself in the ground next to him shattering the ground and leaving a small crater where it landed. This was disturbing as Twitch could not remember Ashe's bow having this kind of power.

"Are you so afraid of me that you have to hide in the shadows," came Ashe's voice.

"Just waiting for you to come and show yourself."

"I'm right behind you rat."

Twitch turned and was met with an armored boot in the face. As he rolled, squeaking all the while, he couldn’t understand how she knew where he was.

"Confused Twitch? It's ok I would be too if I was in your place. You know it is quite nice being able to see you while you are invisible; I'll have to thank Caitlyn when I'm done here.

Looking up he saw Ashe was wearing a set of goggles that was out of place compared to her usual equipment, Twitch guessed that it was the goggles that allowed her to see him, and in her hand was a new bow. This bow started as a circle with the handle running down the middle to handle it and from the circle came four limbs strung in a cross pattern.

"Sorry Twitch, but either you run away or I put one of these between your eyes."

"I don't think so."

As Ashe drew another arrow Twitch rolled back onto his feet and pulled a set of his piercing bolts from his pack and began spraying the air around Ashe with bolts.

As she dodged she said, "Is this the best you have Twitch. Here I was thinking you might actually hit me."

"Just wait until you see this one," he said as he pulled out a crossbow bolt.

The bolt moved slower than expected meaning she had no trouble dodging it.

"I'm disappointed Twitch."

Cackling he said, "Look over there."

The bolt opened several sliding doors on its side from which uncountable numbers of mini bolts flew out at high speed, several of which struck the Noxian soldiers, but only a few managed to hit Ashe. Laughing she drew another arrow. With a smirk on her face she drew her bow then watched in amazement as the arrow fell from her grip.

"What happened? I can't move my arms."

"That is my very special venom that paralyzes whoever is hit. How does it feel?"

"Screw you."

"Oh my that was unexpected. I thought you wouldn't be standing. There must be something wrong with my venom. Oh well, good luck surviving being burned alive."

"What do you mean?"

"Well I can’t move these supplies anymore."

Without further conversation he pulled out a match and started setting fire to the supply depot.

"Commander. What about us?" called his lieutenant.

"If you can move then you are welcome to leave this place." he replied as he walked away.

Five days later: Demacia War Room

"Your report Sir Crownguard," came the king's voice

"Yes your Majesty. We have lost two supply depots to Noxian forces and in the last attack Queen Ashe suffered severe burns and paralysis from an unknown toxin. She is currently being treated by Soraka but we have been told that it will take some time before she is well enough to return to battle."

"Anything else?"

"Yes. A report from the Teemo suggests that Noxian forces are moving into Piltover to increase their defenses. Fortunately none of the champions who hail from Piltover have joined the Noxian forces, but the flip side of this is that Noxus has direct access to Piltovian technology."

"What about our technological situation? Has Heimerdinger said anything about his standing?"

"He has. He says he will support us if, after the war is over, we finance his research. We also heard from Ziggs who is willing to support us as long as we put him on the front lines."

"This is a dire situation Sir Crownguard. I trust you will put forth all the effort necessary to put an end to this."

"Of course your Majesty."

Demacia Armory

"Professor is there anything you need before I leave?" asked his assisstant.

"Yes, brings those cannons over here and then bring me some of Ziggs' hexplosives."

His assisstant swiftly brought over the requested items and watched in amazement as Heimerdinger deconstructed the cannon and hexplosives and integrated them into a shrapnel cannon.

"Amazing sir."

"Thank you, but Ziggs would have done a better job, or at the very least a more powerful cannon than what I put together.

"That man is just an overzealous pyro. It is you who are the pride of Bandle City."

"That is kind of you to say but what Ziggs does is more pratical in this time of war, although I do believe that he gets ahead of himself with his experiments. Oh good evening Sir Crownguard," he said as Garen walked in.

"Good evening professor. His Majesty requests that you double the production of the army's weapons."

"We are already near our limit Sir Crownguard, I am afraid that we just can't push ourselves any harder."

"I understand professor. I wasn't really here to make you work harder I just wanted you to know what His Majesty wants."

"Well I am afraid that Noxus might win if we can't get our technology back up to where it was."

"What would it take to get it back up faster."

"A raid on Piltover," came Heimerdinger's response.

To Be Continued

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Ouroborous HD

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1 Week Ago

Well sorry for the minor delay. I wasn't feeling well this weekend so I took some time to get better. Enjoy.

Chapter 3

The city was magnificent. Small yet sturdy buildings, each housing some form of scientific device, clean streets, and a sturdy wall to protect against random thugs. Now the city of Plitover was overrun with Noxian forces, who were occupying the wall. Striding through the streets and taking in all the technological advancements was Zaun's Dr. Priggs, Viktor, and their escort Twisted Fate.

"All these machines will be useful to our cause," said Priggs.

"What about Heimerdinger's laboratory?"

"Viktor is still working on cracking through the lab's external security. It will take even longer to get through the inner security."

"We should stay vigilant then, lest Fate decide to waylay us along the way."

The fields outside Piltover

"Ziggs. Are you in position?" asked Teemo

"Yes I'm here. Can I blow something up now?"

"Not yet, only if we are discovered and we need support."

"Teemo, I have found a way in and am waiting for you," said Lux.

"I'm on my way. Ziggs, prep your hexplosives and stand ready.

Lux opened the door of a cellar and they crept through it into a narrow escape tunnel that led into the heart of the city.

"According to Heimerdinger this path leads to a room underneath his laboratory," said Lux.

"Good, let’s get what we need and get out of here."

As they crept underneath the city they heard the footsteps of hundreds of Noxian soldiers as they patrolled the city. After an hour of walking they arrived at a metal door, and noticed the metal keypad.

"I don't suppose Heimerdinger gave you the code?" asked Teemo

"No, but Ziggs gave me this," she said as she pulled a mini hexplosive out.

"That may not be the best plan."

"Do you have another idea?"

Teemo didn't answer as Lux placed the hexplosive on the door knob. The blast was small but the payload blew the door off its hinges as well as setting of the blaring alarms Heimerdinger set up.

"This is bad Lux," yelled Teemo

"This is fun in my book. Look here is the room Heimerdinger told us about."

They entered a room that was overflowing with highly advanced technology. Looking where Heimerdinger told them to look they found a medium sized cube that hummed with energy. Teemo swiftly swept the box into his forage sack. Looking around the room they saw some other items that they wanted to take but before they could a squad of Noxian soldiers burst into the room. Taking one look Teemo said, "Catch," and threw a mushroom at the soldiers who quickly scattered in fear.

"Teemo. Why did you throw away our dinner?" cried Lux as they ran.

"Ziggs, we need a diversion now," called Teemo

"Happily," he cackled back

The ground shook as Ziggs began to bombard the city with his powerful hexplosives, all the while Teemo and Lux could hear him cackling with glee. As they ran out they saw hundreds of soldiers being dragged away and they instantly thought, "I'm glad he is on our side.” Suddenly they found themselves struggling to move as if their bodies had grown infinitely heavier. In the side of their vision they saw Viktor striding toward them, with a second robotic arm protruding from his back.

"Inferior constructs detained. Experimental use of gravity based appendage is a success. Side note, gravity based appendage energy levels exceeding predicted values, further research required. Proceeding with elimination of inferior constructs."

"Now now Doctor," came the voice of Twisted Fate, "certainly we don't need to kill such a pretty young thing like her. Pardon my intrusion Lux, but why would someone as pretty as you run around with that rat?"

"I could ask you the something similar Twisted Fate."

"Well, Noxus pays me rather well, plus I owe Dr. Priggs a favor for past services rendered."

Upon finishing his sentence a group of hexplosives rained down from the sky, a large majority landing near Viktor the effect of which was to short out his new arm. Immediately Teemo began peppering soldiers with darts while Lux began gathering light.

"Funny little rat you are Teemo," taunted Twisted Fate, "but how are you going to hit someone you cannot follow."

Twisted began to teleport around Teemo making himself impossible to follow or target as he wouldn't stay in one position for longer than a second.

"Come on Teemo," he taunted, "why don't you try hitting me with your darts or your shrooms."

"I think I'll let Ziggs have this pleasure."

Confusion crossed Twisted Fate's face until he looked up and saw a massive bomb falling towards the city.

"Oh ****."

"Large explosive detected. Initiating emergency procedures, all power to gravity based appendage, explosive ordnance trajectory change calculated, execute."

Viktor's robot arm came back to life and released a massive amount of gravity in the direction of Ziggs' bomb. The gravity caused just enough change in trajectory that it didn't land right on the group. Instead it landed right in the middle of Heimerdinger's lab.

The shockwave from the explosion ripped apart any buildings nearby and everything inside the blast radius vanished in a cloud of ash.

Underneath a bubble of light Teemo and Lux stood breathing heavily as if they had just run miles.

"How did you block that Lux?" asked Teemo.

Giggling she said, "Explosions give off a very strong light for a short while so I absorbed that light into my Finales Funkeln and then spread the energy around us."

Teemo merely gawked at her while a short way away a deep chuckle came.

"Impressive stuff ma'am. I am likewise fortunate that my teleporting takes me in between dimensions otherwise I would be broken just like poor Dr. Priggs. Since that blast also killed Dr. Priggs my job here is over so goodbye for now."

With that he and Viktor vanished leaving behind more questions than answers as they surveyed the wreckage. The good news was that they succeeded. The bad news was that they had annihilated most of Plitover City in the process.

"Caity is going to be furious with us," said Lux

"Well look on the bright side," came Ziggs' voice.

"What would that be?"

"I got to test my new hexplosive."

To Be Continued

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Ouroborous HD

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1 Week Ago

remember guys I do want to hear your thoughts on my fic

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The Red Warden

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1 Week Ago

Thank you for the Viktor.

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Ouroborous HD

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1 Week Ago

join the glourious evolution. also how did you like viktor's dialogue.

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Ouroborous HD

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1 Week Ago

you know guys I do enjoy hearing your comments and thoughts regardless of whether they refer to my fic.