Fan Fiction: Ezreal

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My first Fan-Fiction ever so it'll probably get edited a lot.

================================================== ================================================== ===

Ezreal stepped off the summoning platform, into the cool, breezy air of Summoners Rift. Alongside him were his 4 allies: Jax, Fizz, Dr. Mundo, and Thresh. They all approached the shop containing Runeterra's finest weapons.

"What would you like, champion?" asked the shopkeeper in a monotone voice.

"A Dorans and a potion of health. And a scrying orb."

"475, if you will."

As Ezreal paid the shopkeeper, he and Thresh set out eastward along a small forest path. As they walked, there was a sudden explosion and a pillar of flame shot upward near the middle of the rift. They could faintly hear a whirling sound, followed by several thuds. Ezreal and Thresh ran, dodging in and out of brush, to the middle. There they saw Jax standing over the body of Brand. A monotone female voice, that seemed to come from the sky, stated "First Blood."

He leaned against a pine, and took a shot from a flask made from crystal. Jax shoved his newly-acquired gold into his pocket and spun. Right where he was standing a spear thudded into the thick trunk of the pine. Standing near them on the middle of the path was a large warrior, holding a spear and a wide circular shield. Ezreal fired a shot of mystic energy at the warrior. He held up his shield and laughed. The warrior, known as Pantheon, had no humor when a well-thrown hook from Thresh pulled him under the stone tower on the side of the path. A blinding blue light arced at Pantheon and he fell still. Thresh approached the body and looted the money. He also took a small orb of light, that seemed to move on the inside.

"Yes, this one will do nicely. The first soul is always special, yes it is." cackled Thresh.

================================================== ================================================== =

To maybe be continued.