Veigar show me the mana

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Veigar was one of the first champs I mained and with the mini buff he got I had to play him again, and wow it really makes a difference. I wanted to share my built with you all and get some feed back.

Masteries:0/9/21 defense and utility to last you through your early game for extended farming

Summoner spells- flash, teleport/ignite

Runes: magic pen marks, flat mana regen seals and gylphs and speed quints
So I realize ihave some explaining to do, first of all these were my first runes-so they were cheap, but they offer a lot to my play style heavy mana regen gives me 45m/5secs at level one with his passive and a meki which let's me play a heavy poking game early and flat mana regen will give me around 150 mana at level 6 that I wouldn't have with scaling.

Anyway early game mekis and farm farm farm, I will poke if I have over 50% mana I usually deny last hits with a DM or coordinate a half hearted EH gank with my lane mate.

After the first round of farming I have around 30 ap and my first shop will depend how I feel like AP farming: minions or champions

Gank build: first b I get sorc. boots and a needlessly large rod- yes over 2000 gold if you have an early b get boots first and farm some more
Needlessly large rod is veigars bf sword only it's 220 extra damage in 2 secs, make sure to land your EH and get the kill, you don't get ap for assists
From there if you are getting kills build in this order tear ->banshees->finish AA->
No kills go tear->farm,farm,farm->zhyonas->AA->banshees

Slow play: first b get tear and boots, farm farm- join the team fights and drop bombs. Get your zhonyas, AA, banshees not much different except you'll have a constant stream of ap from minion kills.

Once you get your zhyonas your good use the active or flash when your in a pinch.
Oh and KS everyou on your team you get 5 ap every kill

G2g will probably add more later