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Combine Spirit Visage and Brutalizer

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i like this item! gives a good combination of damage and survivability, plus it uses spirit visage which i find to be an underused item.

two thumbs up

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Senior Member


I saw Visage only on Katarina past few days. If this can be combined with brutalizer, this will be very popular.

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Visage is usually on Katarina or Tryndamere.

Brutalizer is on a wide range of champions, from Ashe and Tristana to Teemo and Judicator.

I think this would increase the number of times brutalizer and visage are used.

I can imagine a Judicator getting a Baron's Scale and being really solid with it, stack that with a chalice and you have some nice MR to save you getting bursted down, some nice CDR and Mana Regen to help you spam your heal/slow/range/ulti and some nice damage to make you good in team fights, the HP regen of course helps with farming and general survivability.