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Teemo: Q's/Tips/Discussion

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Dr W

Senior Member


Hi gang. I recently bought Teemo and have had a blast playing with him. However, I've still got quite a few questions about him. I'll break my Q's down into parts of the game phase. Hopefully I will be able to trigger some discussion that will help improve all of our Teemos.

First off, guide. Not recommended but this is the one I've taken to the most.


Laning: Teemo you are a monster at harassing. I have been starting with blinding dart but quite a few ppl have recommended the poison as a better starting skill. I have not been able to thoroughly test it. Opinions/thoughts?

Pantheon is my favorite champ to lane with as Teemo. After some mild harassing he is able to leap in and stun and finish with Heartseekers while you rush in with poison/blind/summoner spells. The pair is very capable of getting early level kills together.

Summoner Spells: Been using Exhaust and Heal ( since I go down Defense tree with him). Maybe be switching Heal to Cleanse soon.

Items- My ideal item build:

Doran's Shield - (or blade up to you)
1 HP

1st trip back-
Recurve Bow- (Starks ingredient)
Boots of Speed if i have the extra 350

Starks- (if can't complete at least get that team health regen piece. Emblem of Valour(?).
Mercury Treads/Ninja Tabi/Swiftness

Dorans Shield
Boots of Choice
Frozen Mallet

These are the items I try to get just about every game. I don't always come back with the amount of gold I wish I had. You know how it goes. So I buy little pieces like long swords and ruby crystals/vamp scepters for things.I'm really looking for advice here. Seems once I have my starks/boots, I just build something I think is good. Frozen Mallet gives Teemo a little damage, some extra survivability (did not know he was that squishy), and the slow which is awesome combined with his blind/poison. Critiques/changes?

Mushroom Use I'll admit, I pretty much spam these as wards and I know, I am not using these to the fullest. My mushroom game is causing me to have a bad trip, and I'm looking for some good ways to use them specifically towards champions.

Thanks for reading and I hope we can come up with some good tips/tactics.

Feel free to post any random tip or thing you do with Teemo that you feel is good and will help improve our game.

~Dr W

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Senior Member


Teemo is my goto carry.

Mushrooms are useful at all intersections, in bushes, and in the lane just to the side of where the creeps travel. Having them around gives you escape paths that can turn deadly for your enemy.

Another use for shroom is killing a creepwave. Drop it in the center, and when it pops it kills all the ranged creeps plus many melee creeps.

Another use is when there is a team fight, after blinding someone, if you can quickly run in and drop a mushroom in the center of the fight. It will pop on everyone doing a lot of aoe dmg to their team.

Another use is when a melee charges up to fight you, instead of running you can just drop a mushroom, blind them, and just fight them. They will get owned usually, and if they are lucky enough to survive, it will be them limping away hoping the poison wears off.

Also use a shroom to kill lizard or golem.

Also use a shroom in a likely bush, then stand still to go invis. When someone runs in the bush, they have shroom pop, then you come out swinging on them with +40% attack speed. Have a teammate or two in the bush with you for even better results.

Also, when fleeing enemies, drop shrooms to help you or your buddy get away.

Also, when pushing with your team, plant shrooms in the lane behind you as you push. If you have to retreat, you will have the shrooms to help.

Also, when pushing or laning, put shrooms at the openings to the lane (not necessarily in the bush). The enemy will wander the bush before ganking you, not pop anything, then think they are safe to charge in. That's when they hit the shroom you put closer to you, and now the gank is even more of a failure than if they just popped your bush shroom.

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Senior Member


Skill build:

then prioritize: r>e>q>w

My item build is:

vampiric scepter
merc treads
last whisper
frozen mallet

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Bert Macklin FBI

Junior Member


I've only recently started playing Teemo, but I've really come to love the AP/Hybrid build.

It makes much greater use of two of my favorite things about Teemo: Shrooms, and Poison.
AP Build will make both of these much more of a threat, and to boot most people dont think about going magic res against a Teemo. If that trend continues, it can get you many kills with shrooms that are doing way more damage than they normally would.

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Captain Took

Senior Member


If laning against DPS/tank, start with blind.
If laning against caster, start with poison though you will need both for proper harassment.

Level poison before blind unless you are going AP. The poison stresses people out.

Shroom kills are luck more than anything, but its HILARIOUS when a low health enemy runs into them.

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Senior Member


My guide here: http://leaguecraft.com/strategies/guide/977,Blue%27s+Exstensive+Teemo+Guide

If you're going damage Teemo, you need to get some damage do be a threat. Starks + Boots + Mallet doesn't give you much damage at all- Try to get at least a BF sword or a Brutalizer + Phage before getting full Starks and a Frozen Mallet, both expensive items.